Zift partners with schools and educational programs to provide digital materials, workshops and seminars to teachers, parents and students alike, on topics such as online safety, social media etiquette, cyberbullying and more.

Digital Safety Resources for Educators

Technology in the classroom is becoming more and more common, which is why it's important for educators to have the resources they need to keep kids safe online while they're at school. 

Downloadable In-Depth Guides

Our detailed digital guides are offered on a range of topics from cyberbullying to Snapchat. See our current resources below:

        Online Safety 101: Online Predators & Grooming

        Cyberbullying: A Guidebook for Parents

        YouTube: A Complete Guide for Parents

        Parent’s Guide to Minecraft

        Snapchat: A Guide for Parents

        Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?

        Connected Toy Buying Guide for Parents

        Parenting the Digital Generation, Infants & Children

        Parenting the Digital Generation, Tweens

        Parenting the Digital Generation, Teens

Printable Checklists & Contracts

These handy checklists and contracts can be printed out and distributed to faculty members, teachers, parents and students. Checklists and contracts keep everyone on the same page.

         Social Media Contract for Tweens & Teens

         Family Media Contract

         First Smartphone Contract

         Cyberbullying Checklist for Kids

         Connected Toy Buying Guide Checklist

         Video Gaming Contract for Kids

         Online Safety Checklist for Families

         Vlogging Contract for Kids


Resources By Grade Level

Elementary School

See below for our resources most suitable for elementary school students.

         Safe Password Tips Kids Should Know

         Why Kids Love Minecraft (and Why You Should Too)

         5 Stranger Danger Tips for Kids Playing Pokémon Go

         Guidelines for Safe Pokémon Go Play

         How to Talk to Kids About Online Predators

Middle School

See below for our resources most suitable for middle school students.

         How to Avoid Digital Drama

         How to Keep Kids Safe While Live Streaming

         5 Tips to Help Kids Spot Fake News

         10 Things Tweens Should Know Before They Post 

High School

See below for our resources most suitable for high school students.

         9 Ways Teens Can Build a Positive Reputation on LinkedIn

         The Cost of Bad Behavior on Social Media

         7 Things Teens Need to Know About Social Media and Privacy

         10 Tips for Wannabe Bloggers

         How to Help Teens Navigate Social Media

         5 Tips to Help Shy Teens Engage More at School

         Why Teens Participate in Sexting

         Social Media Etiquette Rules for Teens

         How to Help Teens with Their Technology Addiction


Blog Resources By Topic


Many school kids face real-life bullies and cyberbullies. It can be difficult for educators to identify cyberbullying because it happens outside the classroom environment. Check out our resources below for tips that can help.

         Breaking the Culture of Sports Bullying

         6 Steps to Escape Anonymous Cyberbullies

         4 Surprising Characteristics of Kids Who Cyberbully     

         7 Myths About Bullying

         Cyberbullying on Social Media Linked to Teen Depression

         When to Get the School Involved with Cyberbullies

         9 Steps Parents Can Take When Your Child is Cyberbullied

Mobile Health & Wellness

Stay up to date on mobile health news with these blog articles.

         What Smartphones Do to Kid’s Eyes

         Top 10 Fitness Apps to Get Kids Moving

         Screen Time May Not Be as Evil as We Think

         Why Silicon Valley CEOs Raise Their Kids Tech Free

         4 Ways Smartphones are Changing Kids’ Brains

Special Needs

Working with special needs students? Check out these resources for guidance.

         Helpful Parenting Resources for ASD Families

         ASD Digital Parenting Guidelines

         Digital Parenting and Your Autistic Child, Part 1

         Digital Parenting and Your Autistic Child, Part 2

         Digital Parenting and Your Autistic Child, Part 3

Activities for Kids

Unplugging activities can be fun and educational. See some of our favorite crafts here:

         How to Make DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

         Glitter Slime: The Ultimate DIY Activity

         How to Make a DIY Fingerprint Heart Keepsake

Learn About Our Seminars and Workshops

Our in-person seminars and workshops led by Zift team members include the latest research findings about children and technology and provides guidance for avoiding digital pitfalls.

If you would like to have a Zift team member visit your school or educational program, please contact Kristin MacLaughlin at kmaclaughlin@wezift.com.