Internet Safety 101: Online Predators & Grooming

This is a tough subject to read about and discuss, but an important one nonetheless. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to keep your kids safe, online and off. This guide is meant to be a conversation starter for parents – to empower you with facts, talking points and an action plan to discuss with your child, tween or teen.

Facts About Online Predators Parents Need to Know

  • 60% of teens say they have created social media accounts that their parents are unaware of.
  • Approximately 1 in 7 youth internet users received unwanted sexual solicitations.
  • In more than one-quarter of incidents, predators asked youths for sexual photographs of themselves.
  • 76% of first encounters with a predator happen in an online chat room.
  • 15% of phone-owning teens (12-17) say they have received sexually suggestive nude/seminude images of someone they know via text.

How Predators Use Social Media & Apps to Target Kids

Traditionally, online predators contact their victims using four main ways: 

  • Forums/Chat Rooms
  • Phones
  • Webcams
  • Online Game Forums

Grooming Signs to Look For from Sexual Predators

There are three major types of grooming that predators utilize:

  • Complimentary: using flattery to appeal to a victim
  • Mentor: positioning themselves as a trusted problem-solver or advice-giver
  • Experience Mirroring: sharing similar interests or life experiences

Other Things You'll Learn in Our Guide:

  • Are Predators Lurking in Your Child’s Video Games?
  • Sextortion: A Growing Problem for Teens
  • How to Teach Kids to be Smart About Online Strangers
  • 8 Important Steps to Keep Kids Safe Online
  • How to Report Online Predators
  • Family Rules for Online Safety checklist


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