Snapchat: A Guide for Parents

By the end of this crash course, you’ll understand what Snapchat is, how to use it and if it’s safe for your kids.

Snapchatis a popular app where users can take “snaps” or quick videos or photos of their daily lives and share with friends or other users nearby. Many teens prefer Snapchat to other social media platforms because of its visual nature and one-to-one messaging capability.

In This Guide, You'll Learn:

  1. What Is Snapchat?
    If your child isn't already using this app, they soon could be! Learn more about why this app is so popular with teens.
  2. Why Parents Should Care About Snapchat
    A survey done by researchers at the University of Chicago, in April 2017, found that 75% of teens use Snapchat. 
  3. 6 Things to Know About Social Media & Privacy
    Connecting through social media is exciting. Read a few of our tips to help teens (& parents) stay safe while online.
  4. Understanding Snapchat's Features
    Can you tell the difference between a lens and a filter? Learn each of the functions this app offers to its users.
  5. Does Your Child Have Social Media FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)?
    As parents, we need to help our kids deal with FOMO - the "Fear of Missing Out." Learn the five areas that you can work on with your child to help reduce social media anxiety.
  6. Teen Social Media Contract
    Set clear rules and expectations for your family's social media use with our easily printable contract.


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