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My kids and I used to love dyeing Easter eggs but now after about 15 minutes, I am the sole survivor finishing up the Easter crafts. Each year I scour the grocery store for a new twist on Easter egg dyeing but our results at home never quite match the photo on the box.

I almost gave up the idea of coloring Easter eggs altogether after last year’s glitter egg debacle but that would be the ultimate mom fail.  And I must admit, this year’s store bought Easter Egg Dyeing in a Box choices were less than inspiring so I was a bit discouraged.

Like most moms of tweens and teens, I’m faced with the dilemma of how to get my kids excited about decorating Easter eggs when I can’t get even pry them from their phones! Once your kids have a mobile device, trying to get their attention can be a challenge, am I right?

The best way I’ve found to get them to respond (even when they ignore my “time to come home to start homework” text), is to add some fun emojis into our phone conversations. So, if I can get them to answer my texts by using a fun emoji, maybe emoji-themed Easter eggs will get pique their interest this year.

Luckily, Pinterest is filled with clever moms who have posted super cute Easter egg emoji ideas, so full disclosure that I didn’t come up with this idea on my own. I give full credit to the crafty moms of Pinterest who are much more creative than I am.

Making Emoji Easter Eggs in 5 Easy Steps

Check out my step-by-step tutorial below and learn a few of the tips I found along the way. Now, enjoy filling up your Easter basket with these Easter egg emojis that the whole family – even your teens – will love.

Supplies Needed:

1 dozen hard-boiled eggs

Acrylic paint in yellow (additional optional colors: white, red, light blue)

Paint Markers in white, black, red, and light blue

Paint brushes (one broad and one fine point)


Step 1:  Hard-boil one dozen eggs.

Everyone I know has a different method to hard-boil eggs. Below is my process but any method will work.

  • Place eggs in a large pot and cover with tap water.
  • Heat pot on low to medium heat until you have a rapid boil.
  • Turn heat off and leave pot on burner for 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, remove the eggs and cool to room temperature.


Tip: I purchased the larger quantity carton of 18 eggs from my grocery store. This way, if any eggs crack during the boiling process or are accidentally dropped during crafting, I have a few backups readily available. Trust me, this will help minimize any sibling squabbles and every crafter will have enough eggs to decorate.

Step 2: Paint your egg.

  • Using the broad paint brush, begin painting your eggs with the yellow acrylic paint. 
  • Paint the top half of the egg first and place back into the carton with the painted side up so it won’t smudge.
  • Once the top half is dry, finish painting the bottom half of your eggs, then place back in the carton bottom side facing up to dry.


Tip: Acrylic paint dries very fast and is easy to clean up from most surfaces. However, acrylic paint is very difficult to remove from clothing, so make sure all crafters are wearing old clothes or a smock in case there are any spills.

Additional Tip: Egg cartons make the perfect egg holder until you are ready to draw your emoji, but the cardboard egg carton can stick to wet paint. If you are using a cardboard egg carton (as opposed to a Styrofoam or plastic container), consider painting on newspaper and then placing in an egg carton when fully dry.

Step 3: Prime your paint markers before use.

  • When it comes to drawing an emoji on your egg, I suggest using paint markers rather than acrylic paint because it’s much easier to use.
  • Before using a paint marker, follow the instructions on how to prime the marker. This usually means blotting it a few times on a scrap piece of paper to get the paint running consistently.

Tip: If you are comfortable with a paint brush, you may prefer acrylic paint and a paint brush rather than the paint markers. Use whichever you’re most comfortable with, though I find I have more control with paint markers and cleanup is a little easier.

Step 4: Practice drawing your favorite emoji.

  • Before drawing or painting your emoji on your egg, I recommend doing a test run on a piece of paper. You’d be surprised how much it helps to have a rough draft to work out any mistakes beforehand!

Step 5: Draw or paint your chosen emoji on your egg.

  • Have fun unplugging with your kids as you bring your favorite emojis to life!


Tip: If you need a quick reference for what each emoji looks like, keep your phone handy. You can glance at your screen as a guide to keep you on track.

A Word of Warning

Eggs are porous, so once you paint them THEY WILL absorb the paint. Please do not eat them or use them for egg salad!

I hope you and your family enjoy this Easter DIY as much as mine did. Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter.


For another fun family DIY project, try my recipe for Glitter Slime.

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