Vlogging Contract for Kids

Vlogging and blogging can be a great way for your kids to express themselves, but in order to keep them safe, you're going to need some guidelines. A vlogging contract will ensure that your child understands your rules and expectations. It also holds them accountable for their vlogging activities.

3 Reasons Why a Vlogging Contract is Necessary

  1. Keeps Kids Safe
    This contract allows parents to set parameters for their child's vlogging to ensure that they are taking the appropriate precautions to keep them safe. This contract can also be used if your child is live streaming.
  2. Gives Parents Visibility
    Many parents are in the dark when it comes to their childrens' online use, but by using a vlogging contract with your kids, you can stay in-the-know about their activities while still encouraging their creativity.
  3. Provides Structure to Ideas
    If your child is just starting out with vlogging and needs more information about what, why, and how they will vlog, a contract can help them formulate those ideas.

Our printable vlogging contract includes:

Approved Video Categories

  • How-to videos
  • Video Game/Sports highlights
  • Parody videos
  • Product reviews

How Videos Can Be Posted

  • Public (everyone can see)
  • Private (only invited people can watch)
  • Unlisted (only people I give a link to can watch)

Safety Promises

  • An understanding that not everyone wants to be shown in a vlog & the necessity of other people's privacy while shooting.
  • Approved locations that your child is able to vlog in.
  • A reminder to turn of location tracking and geotagging when vlogging.


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