Parenting the Digital Generation: Tweens

Tweens have grown up with technology, but are still learning the boundaries of how to use it responsibly, especially since 46% of U.S. tweens between the ages of 8 and 12 have a cell phone. 

They need guidance from you to learn how to become good digital citizens and you need access to knowledge to help guide them through this evolving time. 

We highlight the most important topics for you in our digital parenting guide for tweens to help you navigate the waters of being a modern parent.

What You'll Find in This Guide:

  1. Introduction to Digital Citizenship
    What does it mean to be a good digital citizen?
  2. Why Social Media Manners Matter
    Explore suggestions for social media etiquette that your kids can adopt.
  3. Tips for First Time Phone Users
    New phone users need these tips to get them started off on the right foot.
  4. 6 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Kid's First Phone
    Before you purchase your child's first phone, consider these six things.
  5. How to Stay Connected as a Digital Parent
    Being a modern parent means being connected, too. Learn how to stay connected digitally with your kids.
  6. Why Parents Should Practice What They Preach
    Parents aren't immune to bad digital habits. Learn how to stay balanced and fair.
  7. How to Handle Cyberbullying
    If cyberbullying is entering your child's world, learn the steps you can take to handle it.
  8. The Rise of Sexting Among Teens
    Smartphones are rising in popularity with kids and so is sexting. Find out what you can do about it.
  9. How to Tackle the Sexting Conversation With Your Kids
    Having this dreaded and often uncomfortable conversation is a necessity. Make it as painless as possible with our helpful tips.
  10. First Phone Contract
    Lay down the ground rules for first smartphone users by printing out this helpful contract.
  11. Social Media Contract for Tweens & Teens
    Set expectations for your tween's social media use with this printable contract.


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