First Smartphone Contract

As a parent, you weigh the benefits and dangers of things in your child’s life every day. Undeniably, there are benefits to being able to contact your child whenever you need to, but there are also dangers to consider before giving your child access to a smartphone.

There are lots of things to be concerned about when it comes to kids and smartphones. When you're ready to give your kid their first smartphone, use our contract to help set boundaries and expectations for their use. 

For Kids

You Agree To:

  • Only add contacts of approved friends and family members.
  • Not use during breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Not share any personal information or photos of myself/others without approval.

For Parents

We Agree To:

  • Purchase a case and screen protector for the phone.
  • Review all privacy settings & any app accounts downloaded on it.
  • Keep the phone password.

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