Parenting the Digital Generation: Teens

Did you know that 92% of teens go online daily, including 24% of teens who go online “almost constantly”? 

The reality is that teenagers today live in a connected world, with school, friends and extracurricular activities present online and through social media. 

Teach your teens the do’s and don’ts of what it means to be a responsible digital citizen by accessing our guide.

What You'll Find in This Guide:

  1. How Teens Are Using Social Media & Apps
    Understand how teens are connecting to friends and classmates using social media and popular apps.
  2. Tips for Parents to Avoid Digital Drama
    Help your teen avoid drama by utilizing these simple steps.
  3. How to Build an X-Plan for Family Safety
    Use this plan to help keep your teens safe from unsafe or inappropriate situations.
  4. Managing Your Teen's Tech Addiction
    Learn the pitfalls of tech use and see how you can help your teenager navigate it.
  5. Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?
    Take our quiz to see how much smartphone use is too much.
  6. Social Media Contract for Tweens & Teens
    Set expectations for your tween's social media use with this printable contract.


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