YouTube: A Complete Guide for Parents

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms today, with 1.3 billion users, and is the second most visited website worldwide.

People of all ages are flocking to YouTube for everything from music and entertainment to news and tutorials. Over 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute, and more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices Mobile users spend an average of 40 minutes on the platform per viewing session.

With this guide for parents, you'll explore:

  1. The Basics of YouTube (and the Lingo)
    What's a "collab"? And how does my child set up a safe profile? Discover the basic things you need to know about this platform.
  2. The Ins & Outs YouTube's Restricted Mode
    How do you set Restricted Mode and is it worth it? Learn the pros and cons of this feature.
  3. Is YouTube Kids Safe?
    This is one of the biggest questions parents have -- and the answer may surprise you.
  4. The Popularity of YouTube Stars
    Learn more about these new social media stars and see which ones are appropriate for kids to follow.
  5. What Parents Should Watch Out For
    Still have some reservations about YouTube? We share the most important things you should watch out for.
  6. Popular YouTube Channels for Kids
    See which channels we recommend for your child's safe viewing.
  7. Tips for When Your Child Wants to Vlog
    If your child is interested in starting their own YouTube channel, read our tips first.
  8. Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on YouTube
    Read our tips for easy ways to keep your kids safe while watching videos.
  9. Vlogging Contract for Kids
    Print this included contract to put on the fridge and keep handy.

Understanding this massive, ever-growing platform is a must for parents of connected kids. To learn more, download our FREE parent guide below.

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