Connected Toy Buying Guide Checklist

Your child’s life is becoming increasingly connected – from the shows they watch on YouTube to the toys they play with.

When it comes to smart and connected toys, some of the benefits may outweigh the risks. There’s a reason why this new breed of toys is becoming increasingly popular and, as parents, why we need to be as informed as possible when purchasing.

Remember, not all smart toys are created equal and not all connected toys have the same capabilities. Download our full checklist before you decide to purchase a connected toy for your child.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Connected Toy Checklist

  1. To ensure that your child's privacy is secure.
    Keeping your family's data safe is increasingly important. Use our checklist to help you see where there may be risks involved for your family.
  2. Helps you weigh the pros and cons of a toy before purchasing.
    We want to encourage parents to provide their kids with STEM, STEAM and other learning beneficial toys while highlighting the risks that may also be involved.
  3. Informs you of the available resources for protection.
    When paired with this guide, these resources provide you with the information needed to understand the learning benefits and safety implications of owning smart or connected toys.
  4. Keeps your child's playtime safe.
    By understanding the risks involved with connected toys, you can take the necessary precautions to keep them safe.
  5. Allows for peace of mind knowing you've covered all of your bases.
    We've done the heavy lifting to provide you with the right questions to ask before purchasing.

Some topics included in this checklist are:

Before Purchasing

Answer These Questions

  • Does the toy connect to the internet?
  • What are the privacy settings for the device?
  • Can my child talk to strangers with this device?

Before Using

  • Do a quick Google search
  • Review the privacy policy
  • Screen for malware


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