Connected Toy Buying Guide for Parents

Your child’s life is becoming increasingly connected – from the shows they watch on YouTube to the Angry Birds game they play on your phone when they’re bored. 

Toys are becoming connected too. What used to be tech-free is quickly going digital and your child’s toys are not exempt from this shift. 

Facts About Connected Toys

  • 45% of parents indicated that their child has 3 or more connected devices.
  • 73% of parents are comfortable with their child having a connected toy. 
  • That number drops to 63% after reading about the benefits and concerns.

A connected toy is one that must have embedded communications on board that enables it to interface with a mobile device or games console, while internet connectivity may be used for the purposes of communications to the cloud.

What You'll Learn in this Guide:

  1. Connected Toys vs. Smart Toys
    Connected toys and smart toys may seem like the same thing in a parent’s eyes, but there are subtle differences between the two. 
  2. How “Smart” are Smart Toys?
    What makes a smart toy so smart is the ability to capture data and relay that back to the parent company or other database for mining about the user’s personal preferences.
  3. The Learning Benefits of Connected Toys
    There’s a reason why this new breed of toys is becoming increasingly popular and, as parents, why we need to be as informed as possible when purchasing.
  4. Questions to Ask Before Buying a Connected Toy
    The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), offers some insight for parents who are preparing to purchase a connected toy for their child, including the important questions to ask before buying.
  5. Safety Tips for Connected Toys
    Parents often find themselves tempted to buy the latest and greatest gadgets for their kids, but if these toys are connected, you’ll need to take additional measures before handing them over to your child.
  6. How to Manage Screen Time with Toys
    Playing with a smart toy can be considered educational and could be beneficial for children – if done in moderation.
  7. Parent Checklist for Buying Connected Toys
    Before you decide to purchase a connected toy for your child, consider these steps to keep your child safe.


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