Internet Safety Checklist for Families

Kids today are lucky enough to grow up with the internet. It's a valuable resource that is full of information and activities. But the internet isn't always as safe for kids as we wish it would be.

By speaking openly with kids about the dangers of social media, sexting, and online predators, parents can better prepare children for the dangers of online activity.

Kids need to know that everything put online can be accessed by others, even when only shared with people they know. Our Internet Safety Checklist will help you keep your family safe while they use apps and browse the internet. 

10 Internet Safety Tips for Parents

  1. Talk About Online Strangers
    Making your children aware of stranger danger and online predators is important for their safety. Let them know what's appropriate and that they can come to you if anyone makes them feel uncomfortable.
  2. Review Internet Safety Rules
    Download our checklist to review the internet safety guidelines for your family.
  3. Open the Lines of Communication
    Create a safe space with your children where they will feel comfortable to bring up issues, like cyberbullying, that may arise during their time spent online.
  4. Share an Email Account
    This is a great way to have visibility into your child's communication, while still granting them the necessary access for their digital use.
  5. Be Your Child's Friend
    In this instance, having a friendly relationship with your child can ensure that they're willing to approach you in confidence, especially if a sensitive issue arises online.
  6. Stay on Top of Digital Trends
    Staying up-to-date with the newest apps and online trends is important for parents. Kids are usually on the forefront of using the hottest apps & parents should be fully informed of where their kids are spending their time.
  7. Keep the Computer in Central Location
    By keeping computers, tablets and phones in a shared location, kids will be discouraged from risky online behavior.
  8. Collect Devices at Night
    Round up all phones, tablets and other connected devices each night. Have a central charging station in a shared location in your house for further safety.
  9. Set Time Limits
    Institute limitations for your child's internet use by using a Family Media Contract.
  10. Monitor Online Activity
    Keep an eye on how long and where your child spends their time online.

Download and print the full checklist below and post it on your fridge, family memo board or by the computer for easy reference. 

Download the Internet Safety Checklist for Families

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