Keep your kids safe while live streaming with these 3 easy steps.

Even though the technology has been around for many years, live streaming has really skyrocketed with the recent emergence of platforms such as Periscope,, YouNow, and Snapchat. While some have come and gone or transitioned (RIP Meerkat), the popularity of live streaming has only increased. 

And live streaming is here to stay. 

This means our teens with smartphones have most likely or will soon jump on the live stream bandwagon. And as with any social media platform, there are some extra measures that need to take place to keep our them safe.

3 Tips for Safe Live Streaming for Kids

  1. Turn Location Services Off 
    This is one of the most important tips because some live streaming platforms use location services to allow viewers to find their broadcasts and provide value. Make sure to remind your kids to leave location services off so they cannot be tracked or monitored by strangers. 

    Tip: Also make sure your kids aren't live streaming around key landmarks or establishments that can reveal more info than really needs to be shared.

  2. Choose Screen Names Wisely
    I strongly recommend that parents work with their kids to choose screen names that don’t reveal their real names or identities. Help them choose something that doesn’t reveal anything about their school, name or specific location.
  3. Become a Moderator
    In the live streaming space, it's important for parents to jump onto their kids' live broadcasts to keep things in check. Live streaming platforms are unfortunately notorious for “trolls” and other questionable characters that may show up in a broadcast to negatively disrupt, bully, or harass the broadcaster.

    While most of us can handle these things as adults, we really need to help out our kids out and protect them as much as we can.

While live streaming has changed the social landscape for our kids, we should help them understand the benefits and risks associated with broadcasting live to the world with their smartphones. 

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Chris McManamy is an IT professional, social media guru, & live streaming expert. 

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