Digital Parenting Guides

    Internet Safety 101: Online Predators & Grooming

    Download our guide and learn how to keep your kids safe from online predators.

      YouTube: A Complete Guide for Parents

      Understanding the ins & outs of YouTube can help keep your child safe while viewing their favorite videos.

        Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?

        Do you know if your child is ready for their first smartphone? Read our guide before you hand them their own device.

          Family Media Contract

          Use our Family Media Contract to keep your family's digital use under control.

            Connected Toy Buying Guide for Parents

            Are you purchasing a connected toy for your child this holiday season? Download our buying guide before you purchase.

              Snapchat: A Guide for Parents

              Is your child using Snapchat? Learn how this app works & see if it's safe for your child to use.

                ASD Digital Parenting Guidelines

                The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) & Zift have partnered together to create five guidelines to provide additional support for parents raising kids with ASD.

                  Cyberbullying: A Guidebook for Parents

                  Learn how to stop cyberbullying & take action against online harassment.

                    Parenting the Digital Generation: Teens

                    Teach your teens the do’s and don’ts of what it means to be a responsible digital citizen by accessing our guide.

                      Parenting the Digital Generation: Tweens

                      Tweens have grown up with technology, but are still learning the boundaries of how to use it responsibly.

                        Parenting the Digital Generation: Infants & Children

                        In today’s digital age, screen exposure is not only increasing for young children, it’s being introduced earlier than ever.

                          Digital Parenting and your Autistic Child, Part 3

                          Introducing Boundaries & Embracing Unplugging

                          Smarty How-To Videos

                            Smarty Video: How to Find Apps Draining Your Battery

                            Tired of your phone dying so quickly? Watch this video to help you find the apps draining your battery.

                              Smarty Video: How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram

                              Not all comments are helpful. If your child is facing a cyberbully, watch this video to learn how to disable comments on Instagram posts.

                                Smarty Video: How to Turn Off Location Tracking on Your Child's Snapchat

                                If your child is using Snapchat, watch this video to turn off the Snap Map location tracking feature.

                                  Smarty Video: How to Stop Your Child from Deleting Apps on iOS

                                  Kids can easily & accidentally delete apps on your phone. Watch this video to learn how to stop them with a simple tip.

                                    Smarty Video: How to Turn On Restricted Mode for YouTube

                                    Does your child watch YouTube? Watch this video to learn how to turn on YouTube's Restricted Mode for safer viewing.

                                    Infographic Videos

                                      Infographic Video: Think Before You Post

                                      The most important thing your child can learn is to think before they post. Watch this video for more tips.

                                        Infographic Video: 10 Signs Your Child May Be Bullied

                                        Is your child being bullied? Watch this video to learn the 10 signs of cyberbullying.

                                          Infographic Video: How Do Children Use Tablets?

                                          Most children are using tablets on a daily basis, but how are they using them? Watch this video for more information.

                                            Infographic Video: Tips to Unplug Every Day

                                            Everyone needs time away from technology. Watch this video for tips to help you unplug.

                                              Infographic Video: Teach Kids to S.T.O.P.

                                              When your child is confronted with a bully, teach them to S.T.O.P. Watch this video for more information.

                                              Zift App Features

                                                Parenting Power in the Digital World

                                                We know that your child’s well-being is your #1 priority. With Zift, we’re giving you parenting power in the digital age.

                                                  How To Install the Child App

                                                  Parenting in the digital world just got a lot easier now that you’ll be utilizing the powerful technology of Zift on your child’s smartphone.

                                                    Balance & Moderation

                                                    With Zift, you can ensure that your child is only accessing the apps you want when you want, helping you enforce the rules you’ve set.

                                                      The Right Visibility

                                                      Zift gives you the ability to see how your children are spending their time online, so you can set proper limits.

                                                        Where Is My Child?

                                                        With Zift, you’ll never need to worry where your child is again. With our smart location technology, you can see exactly where your child is in real time.

                                                          Best Protection

                                                          With Zift as your digital parenting ally, you can be assured that you have the best protection available to shield your kids from online dangers.

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