Zift: Parenting Power in the Digital World

Watch this video to see how Zift helps parents answer the questions they care about most:

  • What are your kids seeing and doing online?
  • Are they spending too much time online?
  • What new apps have they downloaded?
  • What should I know about these apps?

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The Best Protection

Keep your children safe from dangerous online content and block unwanted apps.

Zift employs the award-winning Net Nanny® smart filter to allow good content to be accessed, but block in real time what's inappropriate, including the rapidly increasing user-generated content finding its way onto today's internet.

And when it comes to the real world, Zift provides real time child location and location history so you know where they are and where they have been.

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The Right Visibility

Rest assured as a parent that as your child explores online, you know what they’ve discovered.

Zift provides instant visibility into, and reports detailing, time spent on device, specific apps used and websites visited.

And if you want to learn more about the apps your child is using or requesting, the Zift Parent Portal can provide you with the answers.

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Balance & Moderation

In a world with constant digital distractions and screen time addictions, Zift can help parents establish healthy limits and boundaries.   

Zift enables you to set a daily curfew for internet and app use, and even pause the internet immediately from a remote location when you want your child to unplug.  

Zift ensures that your child is only accessing approved apps and websites when you want them to, helping you enforce the rules you've set.

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