Digital Parenting and your Autistic Child, Part 3

In today’s world, it is difficult to break away from constant digital connections. The need to unplug from technology is increasingly important, especially for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

By reading this guide, you’ll have a greater understanding of your autistic child’s digital tendencies and how unplugging can benefit their lives.

9 Ways to Guide Your Autistic Child's Screen Time

  1. Learn About "Perseverating" & Tips for Autistic Brains
    Children on the autism spectrum often seem to get stuck on certain topics or interests, and in today’s digital world, it’s often around video gaming and other screens.
  2. Teach Autistic Kids Self-Regulation Skills
    If your autistic child is often getting very upset about little problems they likely are suffering from poor self-regulation skills. Learn some tips to help them manage their feelings and reactions.
  3. Navigate Social Media with Guidelines
    If your child has a social media presence, it’s important to have guidelines in place for expectations of good behavior.
  4. Understand App & Social Media Usage
    It's especially important to monitor screen time for kids on the spectrum, as they have an increased risk of developing a technology addiction.
  5. Keep Your Autistic Child Safe Online
    Because communication and reading emotional cues can be difficult for children on the spectrum, they may not realize something online is inappropriate or unsafe. Teach them how to stay safe online with our helpful tips.
  6. Avoid Meltdowns & Tantrums
    Children, especially those on the autism spectrum, often struggle to transition from preferred activities to non-preferred activities. Learn how you can help them avoid tantrums when curbing their screen time use.
  7. How to Create an Unplugged Bedtime Routine
    Children on the spectrum respond well to set rules and routines, and a screen-free bedtime routine is no exception.
  8. Digital Detox Checklist
    A digital detox is one way to take back control of technology use in your life and in your household.
  9. Digital Contract for Your Family
    Consider using a family media contract to help manage your autistic child's screen time use.


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