Cyberbullying Checklist for Kids

Did you know that 38% of kids reported being a victim of cyberbullying themselves or having a close friend who was a victim. Even worse, up to 58% kids who have been victims have NOT told their parents.

Unlike schoolyard bullying, where one can pinpoint the bully, cyberbullying can be a crime with no known aggressor. The ability to hide behind a fake profile picture or private WhatsApp, Instagram or account can make it easy for a bully to launch personal attacks and not face the repercussions for their actions.

This cyberbullying checklist for kids includes:

How to Prevent Cyberbullying

  • Don’t share personal data.
  • If you wouldn’t want your grandma to read it, then don’t post it! 
  • Never post when you’re emotional.

What If It Happens to You?

  • Tell your parents, teacher or another adult you trust.
  • Check your social media profiles for inappropriate comments.
  • Save all communication from the bully.

What If You See Cyberbullying?

  • Report any cyberbullying you see to a trusted adult.
  • Do not participate.
  • Respond with kindness.


Educate your family about cyberbullying by downloading our complete checklist for kids.


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