Digital Parenting and Your Autistic Child, Part 2

Our children are growing up with technology all around them – they are digital natives that will never fully understand the world without screens. For children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their predilection for screen time makes them a greater risk for technology addiction and online retreat. 

Our job is to keep them safe, learn their habits, online and off, and guide them to make the right choices in the virtual world. Let’s teach them the proper etiquette and pitfalls that internet use and screen time can play in their lives.

Discover our ASD Digital Parenting Guidelines, which are co-created with the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) in order to help guide your family's digital needs.

How to Manage Screen Time for ASD Children

  1. Learn About "Perseverating" & Tips for Autistic Brains
    Children on the autism spectrum often seem to get stuck on certain topics or interests, and in today’s digital world, it’s often around video gaming and other screens.
  2. Discover Screen Time Trends & Attitudes
    Adults and children spend the majority of their lives online with repercussions and effects that are, in many cases, too early to measure. Learn more about recommended screen time guidelines for your autistic child.
  3. Understand, Measure & Moderate Screen Time Use
    You’ve tried your best but no matter what you do, your child’s favorite activity is to spend all day on their smart phone or tablet. Learn how to understand and moderate their screen time habits.
  4. Set Screen Time Boundaries
    Tech addiction often takes place among all the members of a family, but we offer a few suggestions to help keep everyone in check with their tech use.
  5. Create a Screen Time Reward System
    Setting boundaries and clear time limits are ways to effectively guide your child with digital use.
  6. Understand Your Child's Interest in Video Games
    The effects of video game play are typically related to excessive amounts of time spent playing, so it helps to understand what those limits are.
  7. Incorporate Technology into Learning
    There are many beneficial apps for kids, parents, guardians, and teachers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  8. Digital Contract for Your Family
    Consider using a family media contract to help manage your ASD child's screen time use by setting clear guidelines.


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