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Screen Time May Not Be as Evil as We Think

Not all screen time is bad, in fact, there are many benefits for kids using technology.

What Every Parent Needs to Know About Instagram

Do your kids watch Instagram? Here's what you need to know to keep your kids safe.

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Ensuring Internet Safety

Keeping Kids Safe • See More

Caught Your Kid Sexting, Now What?

Sexting is an important issue to tackle. Read our tips to start your own conversation at home.

4 Surprising Characteristics of Kids Who Cyberbully

Online bullies have a target audience—most often their friends and acquaintances.

What You Need to Know About Digital Assistants

Your child may already be on a first-name basis with Siri or Alexa, but here's what you didn't know about digital assistants.

How to Help Your Teen Navigate Social Media

Social media is likely a huge part of your teen's life and it's important to help them learn what's safe - and smart - to post.

When Your Child Wants to Become A Blogger

Blogging is a great way for kids to express themselves. Help them pick the right platform and stay safe online.

9 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Cyberbullied

Even celebrities aren't immune to cyberbullying. See how these stars handled their haters.

Apps Parents Should Know

Stay informed on today's latest and most popular apps by searching and filtering our App Advisor to fit your family's needs.

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Mobile Health

Mobile Health • See More

8 Risky Apps Paranoid Parents Should Know About

Parents should keep an eye out for these 8 apps, because you probably don’t want your kids to use them.

4 Ways Smartphones are Changing Your Kid's Brain

The world of technology is changing rapidly and the best thing a parent can do is to be informed about technology and how it impacts their kids.

The 2 Surprising Reasons Millennials Use Tinder

If you asked the average millennial why they’re on Tinder, you might get an unexpected answer.

​Google Arts & Culture App Uses Facial Recognition to Connect to Art

Google's Arts & Culture App is pairing selfies with... art?

What Smartphones Do to Kid’s Eyes

This generation of kids are growing up with screens, but what's the effect that has on their eyes? Read our blog to learn more.

3 CES Trends for Tech Savvy Parents

Want to know the 3 biggest trends in electronics? Check out these trends tech savvy parents should know.

Facebook Isn’t Spying on You, But Other Apps Could Be

Just because Facebook isn’t listening to you, doesn’t mean that there isn’t the possibility that other apps aren’t. Read more to see how you can avoid digital spying.

Why CEOs Raise Their Kids Tech-Free

Today, so many kids are “bored” if they don’t have a movie playing or a tablet to play games -- they no longer know how to just “be”.

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Parenting in the Digital Age

Parenting Dilemmas • See More

5 Tips for Raising a Resilient Child

Building resiliency and a strong foundation is crucial in helping kids deal with life's challenging surprises.

Cyberbullying on Social Media Linked to Teen Depression

Cyberbullying has taken bullying to the next level, allowing teens to harass their peers online.

Leave Shame Out of the Porn Talk

​The average age of a child’s first exposure to pornography is 11-years old, so most parents should consider having the porn talk with their children before middle-school.

How to Avoid Digital Drama

Whether it’s via text messages, online posts or comments, drama has become a plot twist in kids’ everyday life.

Holiday Tips for Blended Families & Divorced Parents

Avoid these 5 common mistakes during the holidays & keep your family traditions stress-free.

7 Myths About Bullying

Many of the most widely known “facts” about bullying are actually myths and understanding them can help you tackle the problem.

Co-parenting When Parents Aren’t in the Same House

Parenting between two households is never easy, but developing a consistent strategy can help relieve stress for everyone.

How to Manage Your Teen’s Online Spending

There’s no question that today’s American teens are the most digitally connected generation – with 95% saying they go online every day.

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