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AnonymousAnonymous commented on 3 Personality Types That Are...3 Personality Types That Are...
"Nice article! Annemarie.. The world has changed already, and we all are addicted to social media. All should remember that the technology and social media are not bad, they have benefited. You can visit pages where you learn new and interesting things; you can make new friends from all over the world; you can promote your art and reach out to thousands of people; you can find inspiration in other users and their social accounts. There are countless good things out there. Use social media in a healthy way. We just have to get out of your comfort zone and be present."
AnonymousAnonymous commented on HOLLA - best random ...HOLLA - best random ...
Glen GGlen commented on PowerSchool MobilePowerSchool Mobile
"Great app. So nice to stay in touch with kids grades and class progress. No more waiting for surprises from report cards. "
Zift UZift commented on Angry BirdsAngry Birds
"Enjoy this game, clean fun."
Zift UZift commented on Clash of ClansClash of Clans
"This game is addicting for my 13 year old son. He wants to play it constantly. Be careful about the other people that your child can talk to within the app. Make the clans private that are joined. Sometimes it is difficult to get my child off of the app because he has to finish a battle, which can take another 10 minutes. It is an app that is appropriate for kids of his age. "
Kate CKate commented on Why Dads' Brains React Diffe...Why Dads' Brains React Diffe...
"Thanks for taking the time to write your comment on my piece Crissa. My goal is not to dad shame, but to encourage all parents to be self-aware in their interactions and to hopefully encourage equality instead of stereotypes. I appreciate your feedback and agree that parents naturally adjust to their children’s individuality and we celebrate that! If you have more thoughts to share with us and other parents, we’d love for you to join our parenting group on Facebook. "