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Glen GGlen commented on PowerSchool MobilePowerSchool Mobile
"Great app. So nice to stay in touch with kids grades and class progress. No more waiting for surprises from report cards. "
Zift UZift commented on Angry BirdsAngry Birds
"Enjoy this game, clean fun."
Zift UZift commented on Clash of ClansClash of Clans
"This game is addicting for my 13 year old son. He wants to play it constantly. Be careful about the other people that your child can talk to within the app. Make the clans private that are joined. Sometimes it is difficult to get my child off of the app because he has to finish a battle, which can take another 10 minutes. It is an app that is appropriate for kids of his age. "
Kate CKate commented on Why Dads' Brains React Diffe...Why Dads' Brains React Diffe...
"Thanks for taking the time to write your comment on my piece Crissa. My goal is not to dad shame, but to encourage all parents to be self-aware in their interactions and to hopefully encourage equality instead of stereotypes. I appreciate your feedback and agree that parents naturally adjust to their children’s individuality and we celebrate that! If you have more thoughts to share with us and other parents, we’d love for you to join our parenting group on Facebook. www.facebook.com/groups/SurvivingModernParenting/ "
Crissa BCrissa commented on Why Dads' Brains React Diffe...Why Dads' Brains React Diffe...
"This was all interesting until I got to the "What Can Dads Do?" section. Why must dads do something?? The author needs to state and defend her *assumption* that it is wrong for dads to treat sons and daughters differently for the article to make any sense. My husband is an excellent father, and he definitely treats our sons differently than our daughter. Why? Because they *are* different! (However, he learned very quickly that one of our sons does not enjoy the rough play and teasing that the other two do. Parents naturally adjust to each son and daughter as an individual, too.) As stated in the article, " . . . there are chemical and physical differences between the male and female brain." I'm grateful for this admission! Yes, males are different than females. Sons are different than daughters. Dads are different than moms. All this has been understood throughout history. Now must we be embarrassed by it? The reason I feel compelled to comment is that I can't stand the thought of a conscientious dad reading this and feeling guilty. There are many dads who do not interact with their children at all. I think the ones who are prioritizing time with their children should not have to second-guess their interactions and wonder if they are being "fair" (gender-blind?). Especially if they are not given any evidence that this is cause for concern! "
Natalie WNatalie commented on
"A nice alternative to popular social media websites and it seems to have easier to use privacy options."
Natalie WNatalie commented on
"This app doesn't work as well as my kids wanted it to. Doesn't work with youtube either."