Parenting the Digital Generation: Infants & Children

In today’s digital age, screen exposure is not only increasing for young children, it’s being introduced earlier than ever. 

Babies and toddlers are watching an average of two hours of television per day and 27% of all screen time is spent with digital devices for kids under 8-years-old. 

We’ve gathered resources from experts and parents to help you address the issues associated with screen time behavior for young children.

What You'll Find in This Guide:

  1. Screen Time Suggestions for Infants & Toddlers
    In today’s digital age, screen exposure is not only increasing in children, it’s being introduced earlier than ever.
  2. What's All the Fuss About Filters?
    Learn why content filtering is important for young kids who access the internet.
  3. How to Talk to Your Kids About Online Predators
    Discuss the dangers of online predators with your little ones with our simple conversation starters.
  4. Your Child's Developing Brain
    Discover how children's brains are developing and how screen time can impact them.
  5. Tips for Managing Screen Time
    Try our easy tips for managing your family's digital use.
  6. How to Set Boundaries for Digital Use
    From punishments to rewards, learn how to set boundaries for your child's screen time.
  7. Video Games & Your Kids
    Understand the pros and cons of kids playing video games and learn how to manage their game play. 
  8. Unplugging Tips for Families
    Managing screen time means balancing connected time with unplugging.
  9. What Your Babysitter Should Know
    Many parents forget to consider social media rules for their babysitters. See why this is an important step to take.
  10. Babysitting Contract for Our House
    Institute a contract for your babysitter by printing this handy set of guidelines.
  11. Family Media Contract
    Help manage your family's digital use and screen time by incorporating a family media contract into your household.


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