Family Media Contract

Today's kids are super-connected. They’re more savvy with tablets, phones and computers and they’re more responsive to the media machine and ever-growing technological presence.

Navigating all of the media available today can be tough, so where should parents start? Downloading our Family Media Contract will help you set rules and keep your family on the same page. Below, see the 10 reasons why you should institute this contract with your family.

10 Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Digital Contract

  1. Regulate Your Family's Screen Time
    By using this Family Media Contract, you can set guidelines to regulate your family's screen time use across all digital devices.
  2. Create Accountability with Kids
    Using a contract is a great way to encourage accountability and responsibility with kids. This not only provides you with peace of mind of their digital habits, but also rewards your child's good behavior with some digital independence. And, if bad behavior occurs, you can reference the rules you both previously agreed upon without argument.
  3. Which Devices are Allowed?
    Be sure to fully discuss which devices are included in your house rules, including cell phones, tablets, TV, laptops, and gaming devices.
  4. Approve Your Child's App Downloads
    Having visibility to the apps your child uses is a big concern among parents. With this contract, there is complete transparency to the apps your child is allowed to have downloaded on their device.
  5. Teach Your Kids to be Good Digital Citizens
    By using this contract, you can help mold your child's online behavior in a positive way, which can promote healthy screen time habits for the future.
  6. Keep Family Meals Unplugged
    Getting everyone together around the dinner table can be a struggle for families today. By setting clear expectations outlined in this contract, you can encourage all users to be device-free during meals.
  7. Evaluate Your Child's Online Safety
    It's important for children and parents alike to be aware of the safety issues the internet offers. Whether it's texting and driving or stranger danger, use this contract to identify key safety issues to discuss.
  8. Promote Healthy Fiscal Responsibility
    In-app purchases and online spending can be a pain point for many families. Use this contract to guide your child with appropriate and approved digital spending.
  9. Monitor & Approve Which Digital Media is Viewed
    Does your child enjoy watching YouTube or streaming movies? This contract can help you reign in their time spent viewing videos and can also allow you to determine which types of content is appropriate for your family to watch.
  10. Set Screen Time Rules to Promote Healthy Bedtime Routines
    Encourage healthy bedtime routines with your children by setting rules around when their devices can be used and where they should be stored.

Get a sneak peek of what this contract includes:

Kids Agree To:

  • Only watch videos/visit websites that my parents approve.
  • Not download anything without permission first.
  • Not share any personal information or photos without approval.

Parents Agree To:

  • Watch along with my child & interact while they view videos and apps.
  • Keep family meals unplugged.
  • Be a good digital citizen and teach my kids to do the same.


Download a printable version of our Family Media Contract below.


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