What are the best gaming app for your kids to play? Find out with our list of what's hot.

Choosing the right game for your kids is an important step in their using gaming communication apps safely. If the game is safe for kids, there is a decreased chance of inappropriate conversation about the game. A game that is meant for adults will inherently drive conversation that is only for adults.

If your kids love playing games, check out some of these popular ones:

The Best Games for Kids (That They Actually Love)

Most Popular Games

1. Super Mario Run - Best for ages 4+

Super Mario Run is fun for kids of many ages and is the first mobile game launched by the well-known video game developer, Nintendo. It is an endless running game that will keep kids entertained for hours.

2. Minecraft - Best for ages 9+

Minecraft is a leader in the gaming world for encouraging creativity, spatial reasoning and strategic thinking - all bundled up in a fun game for kids. 

3. Pou - Best for ages 4+

Pou is similar to the Tamagotchi of years past and kids will delight in caring for their pet alien in this game.

Hottest New Games

4. Animal Crossing - Best for ages 4+

Animal Crossing is a brand new app based off the classic Nintendo game. Players create a customizable camp and can invite other users to visit.

5. Snake vs Block - Best for ages 4+

Snake vs Block is a fast-paced game the requires quick reflex and basic math skills. Players navigate their snake through an obstacle course of blocks and balls that take away from and add to their snake's length.

Best Strategy Games

7. Roblox - Best for ages 10+

Roblox is similar to Minecraft in that its users can build 3D worlds and games to share online. They can also explore new worlds, go on interactive adventures with friends, chat within the game, and create groups with friends. 

8. Clash of Clans - Best for ages 13+

Clash of Clans is a strategic gaming app in which players build and fortify villages, while also building an army to protect their clan.

 Educational Games

9. Endless Alphabet - Best for ages 4+

Endless Alphabet is a series of interactive games that are designed to help kids learn phonics basics.

10. PBS Kids Games - Best for ages 4+

The PBS KIDS Games app is an educational game where kids learn while they play alongside their favorite PBS Kids characters.


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How Gamers Communicate

Gaming communication apps generally have the reputation of containing inappropriate content from profanity to memes and other graphics. They are used by adults and kids alike, often with anonymous usernames and direct messaging features. For these reasons, gaming communication apps have the potential to be dangerous for kids if they are not used correctly. 

Here are a few of the most popular ones that you need to know:


Discord is a free Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app, which basically means it’s a voice communication app that uses the internet. Users can voice chat, message, send videos and images within a chat. Players can both group chat and send direct messages to specific players.

Discord is meant for players ages 13+, but is really only safe for kids when parents are supervising their use. With a few safeguards in place, your preteen can use Discord safely.

  • Make sure they are using a private server. Invite-only servers can ensure that they are only communicating with friends they know and trust.
  • Change their privacy settings. In “User Settings”, parents can select “Keep me safe” mode, which scans direct messages from everyone and automatically deletes inappropriate content. Parents can also adjust direct message settings and “Who can add you as a friend.”
  • Pay attention. Changing user settings can do a lot to keep kids safe on Discord, but the best way to ensure their safety online is to be present and pay attention to their use. No privacy setting can take the place of a parent’s watchful eye.

Learn more about Discord and its safety implications for kids. 

Playstation Messages

PlayStation Messages is a popular social networking app that connects gamers outside of the games they play. It's relatively safe, but parents may want to keep an eye on who is in their child's contacts list. Additionally, not all games are appropriate for all ages of kids, since many of them have violence or in-game chatting.

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Twitchis a social media and networking app for gamers across the globe on which players can stream, chat, and watch videos of other users’ gameplay. Twitch can be a good platform for users ages 13+ to communicate with other gamers, but live streaming always opens up a possibility for inappropriate content.

The best way to keep kids safe while using Twitch is to use it with them. You never know what they will see or hear on a live-stream. This will give parents the opportunity to intervene if something inappropriate comes up.

To learn more about Twitch, watch our video below or read more in our App Advisor

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