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About Snake VS Block
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What is Snake VS Block?

Free to download, Snake VS Block is a simple game that requires quick reflexes and basic math skills. Players begin with a snake, comprised of multiple balls, and swipe left and right to navigate through a maze of balls and blocks. 

The object of the game is to get as many points as possible, but the fast-paced obstacle course creates a constant battle of gaining and losing balls or body segments.

Players aim their snake at stationary balls with numbers and add that number of balls or segments to their snake. Players want to aim their snake at the balls with the highest number assigned. The number on the ball will be the number of body segments that the snake gains.

Scattered throughout are blocks, which also have numbers assigned to them. Blocks serve as obstacles throughout the game and are also marked with numbers.To break through a block, players must keep their snake aimed at the block until its number reduces to zero.  Once a block’s number is zero, it will disappear. When a player’s snake goes through a block, the snake loses segments based on the number on the block. 

The number of lost body segments is the number of points that the player gains. The object of Snake VS Block is to rack up a high score without running out of body segments. The higher the number assigned to a stationary block, the more points a player can accrue by bumping into it. Players can also move their snake to avoid blocks if they do not form a solid wall across the screen.

Throughout the game, players will not be able to avoid a solid block wall, so strategically choosing blocks is key. Quick thinking and dexterity are required to make split-second choices between balls and blocks with high or low numbers assigned, in a constant effort of gaining and losing.

Is Snake VS Block safe for my kids?

Snake VS Block is safe for kids, but requires basic math skills. Parents familiar with the anxiety-inducing challenge of Atari’s Centipede or Tetris, will enjoy playing this fast-paced game alongside their kids. Rated for everyone, families and friends can compete for high scores.

While fun, parents should know that ads play heavily into this game, running each time a player loses a game or life. 

In fact, the biggest complaint players have about this app is the sheer number of ads interrupting game play. Players have the option of a one-time payment of $2.99 for ad-free play.

Parents may appreciate the quick addition, subtraction and strategy involved in this game, putting not only dexterous skill to the test, but also challenging their child’s quick-thinking math abilities. 

This game is appropriate for players of all ages, but it may be better for older kids due to its fast-paced nature and foundation in basic math.

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Snake VS Block Parent Rating

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    Reviews: 2

  • Victoria B.

    Challenging game for kids' quick mental math skills. It's probably too hard for most kids under 10

  • Joy D.

    Super fun game! My kid is even learning some math from playing this.