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Endless Alphabet is an educational app that teaches young children their ABCs and phonetic letter sounds, while building their vocabulary.  Rated for children ages 5 years and under the full version of this app will cost both Android and iOS users $8.99. This app, aimed at teaching young minds, is safe for kids.

About Endless Alphabet
In-App Purchases

What is Endless Alphabet?

Endless Alphabet is an educational app from Originator, makers of educational + entertainment apps, that teaches young children their ABCs and phonetic letter sounds, while building their vocabulary.


Rated for children ages 5 years and under, the Endless Alphabet app is free to download for Android users but does feature in-app purchases.  Android users will have to pay $8.99 to access the full app and progress beyond the letter 'C'.  IOS users will have to download this app from the app store for $8.99.

Parents should know that the Endless Alphabet app was named the App Store’s Best of 2013, was the 2013 App of the Year Runner-Up, and is an Editor’s Choice in the App Store. Endless Alphabet comes highly rated, which is no surprise, given the creators -- Originator.


From the developer:

Originator develops and publishes the most entertaining and educational mobile apps for kids and families. Founded by a team of passionate artists and engineers, Originator creates truly meaningful digital experiences beloved and respected by kids, parents, and educators. All of our apps have reached the number one position in their categories in the Apple App Store.


Once a child finishes placing all of the letters, completing a word, the words is repeated and a short animation begins illustrating the meaning of the word.


For example, for the word “alarm”, a creature hops into bed and begins snoring, an alarm clock sounds and the monster jumps from the bed.  After the animated meaning of the word has finished, a voiceover gives a brief contextual definition of the word.


Endless Alphabet has over 100 words for children to learn with more words continuing to be added.

Is Endless Alphabet safe for my kids?

This app, aimed at teaching young minds, is safe for kids. Once inside the app and having the opportunity to see their children engaged, parents will find the hefty $8.99 download price of the Endless Alphabet app well worth it.

Once the app is downloaded and opened, kids can jump right into expanding their vocabulary. Once a letter is selected, a word appears on the screen and a colorful group of animated creatures runs by scattering the letters, but leaving the shadowed impression of them behind.

Children then drag the colorful letters to the right spaces in the word and while letters are being dragged and fit into place, they make the letter’s phonetic sound repeatedly, in an animated fashion.

It’s also important to note that parents won’t find the usual beginner vocabulary words, such as ‘apple’, ‘bat’, or ‘cat’ as Endless Alphabet challenges children to build a robust vocabulary, all while having fun.

While Endless Alphabet is set up as a puzzle game with children dragging and dropping letters into the right spaces.  It’s important to note that the app has no time limits or scores.

Children are encouraged to take their time as they progress throughout the app, without the pressure of a time clock ticking down or feeling the need to rack up points.

From the colorful and whimsical animations to the phonetic letter sounds and bright artwork it’s obvious that a lot of thought and time has gone into the Endless Alphabet app making it fun, entertaining and educational for young children.

Once parents get past the price tag, they’ll be astounded to hear their children using words such as ‘bellow’ and ‘contraption’.

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Endless Alphabet Parent Rating


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