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What is ROBLOX?

Roblox is a popular sandbox game similar to Minecraft in its aesthetics and basic functionality, where users can build 3D worlds and games to share online. 

The game is an online community that allows users to build a world and interact with virtual friends. Users can also explore new worlds, go on interactive adventures with friends, chat within the game, and create groups with friends. 

Roblox players explore the worlds and collect prizes along the way. They can also customize their characters with different outfits and accessories. 

It is often used as a platform for introductory game development and features opportunities for users to monetize their most successful creations, developing skills that could inform a later career in game design and development.

Is ROBLOX safe for my kids?

Roblox is safe for older children and is rated "E" for "Everyone" ages 10 and older by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) due to mild fantasy violence and the ability to interact with other users online. 

Your child's experience may vary widely. The opportunities for creativity and experimentation are a huge draw for Roblox players, this same freedom has opened up some potential for inappropriate content and mature interactions.

The main draw of Roblox is its user-generated content options, which can include virtual worlds, games, and other online destinations. Users can monetize their most popular creations by inserting in-app advertising and collecting a portion of the revenue for themselves. This makes the platform a great place for user-generated content made by aspiring game developers and entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, some of these games are inappropriate for younger players or preteens, and the in-app advertising may contain mature or questionable content. 

There is a Safe Chat and content filtering options for children under 12.  But some of the online spaces are not well moderated. Parents have reported that the chat filters can be bypassed with relative ease and avatar behavior is not moderated in the majority of cases. Parents have the option to turn of the chat feature altogether.

Roblox features a parental dashboard and login which allows for discrete monitoring of your child's use and behavior on the platform. This app also features an in-game currency, called Roblox, which can either be earned via participation or purchased within the app. Parents may wish to consider disabling in-app purchasing on their tablet or mobile device prior to installing this application.

Roblox is safe for kids with some parental controls or supervision.

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    Reviews: 4

  • Nate C.

    Our kids have shown us sexually explicit ads that have popped up two different times on this app. We've removed it from all of their devices.

  • Ryan H.

    Not everything on this app is okay for kids, but most of it is. We just keep an eye on out 9-year-old when he plays and thats worked for us.

  • Reba L.

    I learned the hard way that you should turn on the safe chat feature. My 10 year old witnessed some cursing and vulgar language.

  • Sarah M.

    My sons are always playing this game... I think it's annoying but they seem to like it.