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About Minecraft: Pocket Edition
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What is Minecraft: Pocket Edition?

Minecraft is a gaming app which drops a player into a vast world and then encourages them to build or explore without further guidance. The sky is the limit here, as the user can create anywhere from small log cabins to gigantic castles, depending on what resources the user acquires.

Daring users can try the survival mode, in which they have to craft battle gear to fight off enemies and farm, raise, or hunt for their own food. 

Minecraft also has a Hardcore mode, where death is permanent and the game world is immediately, unrecoverably deleted on player death.

Is Minecraft: Pocket Edition safe for my kids?

While Minecraft is overall safe for kids, parents should know that it features zombies, which players must kill (or be killed themselves), so scary characters and violence can be a concern.

Parents with young children can set Minecraft to Creative mode, which does not feature monsters, hunger, or the possibility of death.

Since Minecraft is often played in groups, parents should note that, unless set to Creative or single player mode, their child will be playing with others and actively able to chat.

Minecraft multiplayer servers are widely divergent in terms of quality and standards of content and conduct. There are everything from unregulated “troll servers”, where the whole point is to kill anyone you see and smash their stuff, to tightly-moderated, professional servers with mechanisms for immediately muting or banning players who behave inappropriately in chat.

It is strongly suggested that parents monitor their child’s gameplay, and research family-friendly groups within Minecraft in which their children can play. 

These are servers where individual players need to be “on the list” in order to join, and the standards of conduct and behavior are set up to support a safe and creative environment for friendly play.

Minecraft is sometimes used as a platform to create other games or environments. Some servers specialize in competitive Minecraft sports, like Hunger Games and building challenges, while others are closer to the vanilla Minecraft experience.

Minecraft does feature in-app purchases, both in the core game and on some independent servers.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Parent Rating

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    Reviews: 3

  • Gary S.

    Minecraft is a great game because it encourages creativity and spatial learning and kids love it

  • Joy D.

    Both my son and daughter play this and they like building fun things together using their imagination.

  • Carmen R.

    My 8 year old is completely crazy for this game. He plays it all the time!! I like that he's learning, it's better than other video games.