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What is Pou?

Tamagatchi fans will delight in the Pou (yes, pronounced like “poo”) app, which presents an alien critter (Pou) that players must care for by feeding, cleaning and playing with it. 

As players care for Pou, and play games (also earning Coins, the game currency), they level up and unlock bonus features such as wallpapers for each room and outfits for their Pou.

Pou is rated for players 4+, and will likely delight the entire family with hours of mindless fun and enjoyment. Caring for Pou is only one aspect of the game, with players needing for feed and wash their critter. 

When Pou is taken care of, it grows, when Pou’s neglected, he gets dirty and his eyes will get buggy (from not eating); in other words, it’s obvious to even the youngest of players when they need to tend to their virtual pet.

Once the Pou app is downloaded, players can dive right in, without having to register any information. The app takes players through the basics, instructing users to drag food to Pou’s mouth to feed it, and then navigating to the bathroom to wash Pou with soap and rinse off with a shower. 

The kicker, parents should know, is that all of the items Pou needs to be cared for cast Coins, the game’s currency. 

This, however, is no problem, as one of the many room selections within the app (they’re like games within the game) is a game room, where players can choose from a wide range of games (thirty-two, to be exact) to play and earn coins. 

The games are knockoffs of already popular games; for example, the game “Food Swap” is very similar to Candy Crush.

Simple icons at the top of the screen show Pou’s stats, such as its food level (once it’s low, it must be fed), as well as health, fun and energy. The stats are a simple way of letting players know how they’re doing, in taking care of their virtual pet, and serve as reminders to feed and play with Pou.

Is Pou safe for my kids?

Parents should be aware that the Pou app does feature simple ad banners what will take players outside of the app if they are clicked. However, the ads are not overly intrusive, and tend to be text-only banners at the bottom of the screen. 

Also important to note is that under the shopping room, there is a merchandise option that takes players out of the app and into a Zazzle store with Pou related items (shirts, stickers, mugs, keychains, even a pacifier).

As Coins are the Pou app’s currency, and any upgrades or changes players wish to make cost coins, parents should know that the desire to purchase additional coins will likely be great for impatient children. 

Coins are used to customize Pou’s appearance (outfits, change body color, change eye appearance) as well as add wallpapers to uniquely design each of Pou’s rooms.

The Pou app is relatively safe for kids of all ages to play, given that spending expectations are set beforehand. 

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