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About Zift

Q: How does Zift compare to other parenting apps on the market?

Zift is a technology leader in keeping kids safe online by giving parents the insight and ability to guide your family’s screen time and digital habits. Unlike other products, Zift’s technology can be customized to grow with your child, providing a complete solution to:

  • Protect your child from online dangers with the award-winning Net Nanny® filtering technology
  • Track screen time and online activity
  • Control the apps they use
  • Pause the internet on your child’s device instantly
  • Know where they are, and where they’ve been in real-time

Q: How are Net Nanny and Zift related?

Zift wanted to provide parents with a complete screen time parenting solution so we incorporated the award-winning Net Nanny® filtering technology into Zift’s product feature set. Net Nanny®, the #1-rated content filter available and has protected over one million families. Filtering inappropriate content is an essential step to keep your family safe.



Q: Why do I need to install two Apps for Zift to work?

The Zift Parent app allows parents to setup family screen time rules, determine what content is acceptable for your child to view and then review activity reports, and pause Internet on any device. In order for the Zift Parent app to work, the Zift Child app needs to be installed on your children’s devices. If the Zift Child app is not installed, the Zift Parent app will not have any insight on your child’s online or app activity on that device.   

Q: Why is it necessary to have the “VPN is connected” message in my child’s notification bar?

Android and iOS devices show a VPN icon while Zift is protecting your child from inappropriate content. Android and Apple devices classify anything that is monitoring a device’s network activity as a “VPN”. 

Q: What operating systems are currently supported by Zift?

Android 5.1 and above
iOS 10.2 and above
Amazon Kindle Fire OS 8 and above

Q: Will my children be able to remove Zift on their mobile devices?

On Android devices, Zift provides a feature called the “Zift Removal Protection” to ensure Zift cannot be removed from a child’s device by blocking access to Settings on Android devices. Apple does not support this option.

Q: Can I install the Zift Parent App on more than one device?

The Zift Parent app can be installed on as many mobile devices as you like. Each device should use the same Zift account credentials (email address and password) to login when first opening the Zift Parent App.

Q: How do I install the Zift Parent app?

To install the Zift Parent app follow the steps below:

  1. Get the parent’s mobile device that you want to download the Parent app onto.
  2. Go to the iTunes App Store on iOS or the Google Play Store on Android.
  3. Download the Zift Parent app directly to your device.
  4. Open the Zift Parent App and Sign Up to create a new account or Sign In if you are an existing user.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Zift Child App (Z Child) on your kid’s devices.

Q: How do I install the Zift Child app?

To install the Zift Child app on your child’s mobile device follow the steps below:

  1. Open an Internet browser on the device you want to protect.
  2. Go to http://zift.me/
  3. Click Let's Get Started.
  4. Follow the directions to download.
  5. Open the app and login with your email address and password.
  6. Follow the prompts to create a Zift Child Profile and complete the setup on the mobile device.

Q: Will having Zift installed use up data or drain device batteries faster?

Having Zift installed on your child’s device will not consume any additional data. Zift has been extensively engineered and tested to ensure that battery drain is minimal.

Q: How do I remove a child profile? 

Login to the Zift Parent App then select the Child Profile you want to delete and select the settings gear on the profile picture. Within the Device information, hold down and swipe left to Remove Device. Once all Devices are removed then select Remove Profile. 


App Blocking

Q: What devices does app blocking work on?

Currently, app blocking is only available on Android,  iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Amazon Kindle Fire devices. Desktop solutions for Mac and Windows will be coming soon.  

Q: Can I block Apps that aren’t yet installed on my kid’s devices?

Zift has a predefined list of almost 100 Apps that you can block before it is even installed on your kid’s device. You can see this list by navigating to the Child Profile Screen by selecting the child’s avatar at the top of the Family Feed Screen, then select the Standard Rules icon (located on the right-hand side just below the Screen Time information). From this screen select App Settings, you will see a list of all the Apps that can be blocked for your child’s device. 

Q: On iOS devices why can I still open Apps that are blocked?

Because of the way Apple has implemented device security, when you block an App on an iOS device Zift prevents that App from connecting to the Internet. This means the App will still open but will not work because it cannot communicate with the Internet.



Q: How do I add websites I want to always block or allow?

Zift allows the flexibility of adding websites a parent wants to always Block or Allow. To add sites follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the Zift Parent app.
  2. Select the Child Profile.
  3. Select Standard Restrictions (The settings icon on the right-hand side below the Screen Time info).
  4. Select Web Settings.
  5. Click + next to Always Block.
  6. Add URL.
  7. Click OK. 

Q: Next to each category I see an option to Block or Alert. What is the difference?

Zift uses the Net Nanny® content filter to determine what kinds of content is on each web page. Parents can set the filter to block web pages that contain specific content types or set categories to send an instant Alert to the parent letting them know that kids may have viewed specific content types. The difference between Block and Alert is that when categories are set to Alert, kids still see the content and parents get instantly notified. Blocked content presents a blocked message instead of showing the content.



Q: Does the GPS location feature only work on Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile devices?

Yes, location feature is only for mobile devices. It works on Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile devices. GPS location is not an option on Amazon Kindle Fire.



Q: What happens on my child's device when I hit “Pause Device”?

If your child is using an Android or Amazon Kindle Fire device, all apps and Internet access will be blocked from use while paused. However, your child will still have the ability to make phone calls. On iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices paused will disable Internet access. 

Q: What happens on my child's device when I hit Block Internet?

For Android, iOS, and Amazon Kindle Fire devices protected by the Z Child App, selecting “Block Internet” will block the device from connecting to the Internet via all methods. This includes cellular and WiFi connections. Apps will still appear and function on the device but will be unable to communicate with any services on the Internet. Calling and texting will continue to function normally.


Screen Time

Q: Can I track screen time on my child’s device?

Installing the Zift Child App (Z Child) will create a Zift Child profile. You can then use the Zift Parent App to monitor the screen time of each child’s device. 

Q: How do I setup Screen Time limits?

 You can setup Setting Screen limits for each child by following these steps:  

  • Open Parent App.
  • Select down arrow above Feed to go to the Family Overview.
  • Select the Edit option next to the Child Profile you want to adjust next to the Screen Time box.
  • Select a day of the week you wish to adjust or allocate specific screen time settings for.
  • Scroll up or down to add or remove time.
  • Select Set New Screen Time.



Q: How do I change my child's picture?

You can set any picture stored on your device or taken with your camera as your child’s avatar. To change the picture, first select the child’s avatar from the top of the Family Feed Screen. Then tap on the avatar on the Child Profile Screen. This will open the Edit Child Profile Screen. You can tap the avatar to change it or take a new picture and you can also adjust the child’s name, age and other details.

Q: I have children of varying ages and maturity levels. Does Zift work for my family?

Zift works for children of all ages. The Zift Parent app allows parents to customize each child’s settings to allow or block specific apps and manage content categories and screen time settings for different ages.

Q: Why is there a key icon in my notification bar on my Child’s Android device?

The key icon is Android’s way of indicating that the Zift app is running and protecting secure Internet traffic.       



Q: I have just updated my iOS device that has Z Child installed. I am being prompted to login to iTunes and iCloud but my login doesn’t work.

When Apple devices upgrade to a newer version, the Z Child App stops the device from communicating with Internet related services until it can be started. The simple fix for this is to select “Skip” or “I’ll do this later” when prompted to login to iTunes and iCloud after an upgrade. After the device has fully started, open the Z Child App and these services will automatically login and start working.



Q: How can I change my email or password?

Simply reach out to our customer service team and they can update the email assigned to your account.

1 (855) 593-9438 (Monday - Friday, 10am - 7pm EST)


Parent Portal

Q: There are so many apps out there. How can Zift help me stay informed of the ones I need to know about?

Zift’s subscription allows access to the Parent Portal where families get essential insights on apps and other technology that, as parents, we all should know. The Zift Parent Portal can be found at https://wezift.com/parent-portal/.

The Parent Portal includes blogs, parenting resources, and tips from parenting experts. If you’re not sure what an app does, or whether it’s safe, you can access videos, descriptions, ratings and other useful data. Zift will also present important information from the Parent Portal on the Family Feed Screen of the Zift Parent App.