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For technical support, please visit https://www.netnanny.com/support/net-nanny-10/, there you can find Net Nanny FAQs that will help you with installation, troubleshooting and many more!

For customer support, you can email support@netnanny.com or visit our website and press the chat icon in the right hand corner.

Support Hours:  Monday – Friday | 10am to 7pm ET  


Parent Portal

Q: There are so many apps out there. How can Net Nanny help me stay informed of the ones I need to know about?

Net Nanny’s subscription allows access to the Parent Portal where families get essential insights on apps and other technology that, as parents, we all should know. The Parent Portal can be found at https://wezift.com/parent-portal/.

The Parent Portal includes blogs, parenting resources, and tips from parenting experts. If you’re not sure what an app does, or whether it’s safe, you can access videos, descriptions, ratings and other useful data. Net Nanny will also present important information from the Parent Portal on the Family Feed Screen of the Net Nanny Parent App.