Digital Detox Checklist for Your Family

Are you looking for a resource to help you break the cycle of technology and social media addiction for your family? Try unplugging with this downloadable digital detox checklist and help your family unplug from their screens.

4 Benefits of a Digital Detox

Taking a break from technology can be beneficial for many reasons. 

  1. Helps You Bond as a Family
    If it feels like every member in your family is running in different directions at warp speed, it might be a good time to take a break with a digital detox. With  connected devices constantly taking away our attention, starting a detox can help you slow down and savor family moments like dinnertime, family trips and holidays.
  2. Reframes Your Priorities
    Instead of spending your free time engaging with screens, try focusing your family on in-person experiences. Doing a digital detox is a great time to knock things off your family bucket list, learn a new skill or dust off an old hobby. By emphasizing real-life interaction, you can help your family prioritize face to face social interaction and make some fun memories at the same time!
  3. Breaks Your Phone Addiction
    It's easy to think that just one more text or 5 more minutes on social media doesn't impact our lives much, but the reality is that 54% of teens think they spend too much time on their phones and adults aren't much better. By regulating your family's screen time and learning to unplug from technology, you can teach your kids that being connected isn't the most important thing in the world.
  4. Gives You Extra Time
    Without the distraction of your phone, tablet or computer, you'd be surprised how much free time you suddenly have! While a digital detox may be hard for kids to handle at first, they'll now find more time for school work, reading, crafts, games and physical activities.

How to Start a Digital Detox for Your Family   

Plan in Advance

Find a time that everyone in the family can shut down their devices for at least 24 hours.  

Write Down A Mission Statement

Put into words the reason you are detoxing to remind yourself and your family why the detox is important.  

Keep Your Family’s Devices Stored Together

This will make it easier to keep track of all devices and curb potential rule breaking.  

Let People Know You’ll Be Offline

Tell anyone who regularly contacts you of your detox plans, so they understand that you’ll be away from your devices.  

Plan Activities to Enjoy Time Away From Devices

Enjoy your time away from the digital world with unplugged activities that will teach your family to find peaceful and fun moments away from screens.  

Prepare to Log Back On

There will undoubtedly be a barrage of notifications and alerts when you log back on. Since this may be overwhelming and overstimulating, be patient and take it step-by-step.  

Schedule A Regular Detox

Whether you want one monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly, a regular detox can help streamline your thoughts, re-focus your goals and balance your normally tech-riddled life.  

Download Your Digital Detox Checklist

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