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About HOLLA - best random video chat
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What is HOLLA - best random video chat?

HOLLA is a free, live video streaming app that randomly matches people in video chats across the globe. Think prank calling and party lines for the virtual age, and that pretty much sums up the HOLLA app. 

Users are randomly matched with other online users for video chat sessions, with the option to “swipe up” to proceed to the next match.

Random chat screens look similar to FaceTime, with the person a user is matched with taking up the entire screen and a thumbnail of the user in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The top middle of the screen shows your match preferences, with free users set to the default of being randomly matched to both “Guys & Girls”.

The match’s profile photo is featured in the upper right hand corner of the screen, with an icon to add them as a friend underneath. The  bottom middle of the screen allows users to “swipe to skip” any of the random matches. 

Appearance plays a big role in HOLLA’s random video matches, and the app offers “magical filters” to make users “look fabulous”.

The bottom right hand corner of the chat screen features icons to set filters and special effects, as well as an icon to open up a chat with the users. 

After a chat session, users can rate their chat with one of three emoticons: angry face, neutral face, or smiley face.

Is HOLLA - best random video chat safe for my kids?

HOLLA is not safe for kids. This is not an app that most parents would be comfortable with their child using. Randomly video chatting with a stranger is a safety concern for many reasons. 

Most of the other users on this app will be adults, which is something that many parents will fine issue with. HOLLA may be only safe for mature users and is rated for users 17 and older.

The developer values having a nice, friendly, polite, and appropriate community and will block users completely. 

Ideally, people would be using the HOLLA app to meet interesting people across the world, but reviewers have been confronted with racial slurs, foul language, explicit masturbation, video of a young girl’s crotch, and users calling one another ugly. 

Parents should be aware that HOLLA features in-app purchases, ranging in price from $.99 to $79.99, which allow users to purchase more chat time on the app, in addition to enabling them to further refine their random matches. For example, for a small fee, users can choose to be matched with users of a specific gender.

This app is not safe for kids or immature teens and, as with any video chatting app, 
many parents may choose to closely monitor their children’s activity on HOLLAParents may want to suggest using FaceTime with friends or family as a safer alternative to this app.

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HOLLA - best random video chat Parent Rating

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  • Ryan H.

    Random video chatting sounds horrible for so many reasons. No way would my kids be allowed to use this app