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About Dingtone Free Phone Calls, Free Texting
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What is Dingtone Free Phone Calls, Free Texting?

Dingtone is a Voice Over IP and messaging app which supports calling, texting, file and image sharing, push to talk, and voicemail services. Users can contact any other Dingtone user over a Wi-Fi or their data network for free. They can also call any domestic or international number relatively inexpensively.

The Dingtone app also supports group conference calls, Facebook integration, and the ability to register and connect multiple US phone numbers to a single account.

Dingtone is free for Android and iOS devices. The Dingtone app can call, text, or connect to other users via push to talk for free. Up to one hundred users can be connected into a single group message or push to talk network.

Calling outside of the Dingtone network, either to domestic or international numbers, is paid for with credits users can either purchase or earn through watching in-app advertisements. Credits are occasionally issued as random prizes to encourage regular engagement with the app.

Similar to other Voice Over IP-based calling programs, Dingtone allows users to connect one or more US phone numbers to the app. This can help protect individual privacy by generating “disposable” or single-use phone numbers when users would rather not hand out their own. Additional numbers can be purchased with Dingtone credits.

Is Dingtone Free Phone Calls, Free Texting safe for my kids?

Dingtone is safe for children with parental guidance and monitoring. Both parents and teens will appreciate being able to connect through Wi-Fi. This keeps data usage low by channeling data over the Internet rather than through your mobile network provider. 

Dingtone features in-app purchases, ads, and sweepstakes that enable users to build credits for calls and texting. The in-app advertising in Dingtone is not rated by the ESRB; content on mobile ad serving platforms are frequently for less-safe applications, gambling sites, and/or employ sexually suggestive imagery to attract attention for users.

As teens are able to use Dingtone to connect with a wide circle of people away from parental oversight, this application is only appropriate for teens who have established trust in their ability to independently handle mature content and situations online. Before installing the Dingtone mobile app, check in with your child and ensure they can:

  • Handle exposure to mature content.
  • Recognize and avoid potentially toxic interactions.
  • Take reasonable precautions to protect their privacy online.
  • Remove themselves from situations they find uncomfortable.
  • Alert appropriate authorities or parents if unsafe interactions occur.

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Dingtone Free Phone Calls, Free Texting Parent Rating

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  • Julian R.

    I don't see why kids would need this. They already have calling and texting on their phones.