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A simple social networking app that allows users to stay in contact, the main feature of Yo is the ability for individuals to send “Yo” messages to one another. It can be downloaded for free in iTunes and Google Play and does not offer in-app purchases. It is safe for all individuals aged 12 or up.

About Yo
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What is Yo?

Yo is a simple social networking app that allows users to instantly send one message among each other: “Yo”. It is available for free download in both iTunes and Google Play and does not currently offer the option of in-app purchases. Although it does not have any mature themes, it does contain interactive elements, making it most suitable for users aged 12 and up.


To become friends with someone through Yo, users can either search for their name through the app, invite them directly via email, or add them through their contacts. You can then browse through your list of friends and decide who you would like to send a “Yo” to by simply clicking on their name.


Members may also choose to add their location, allowing other users to see where they are on a map. There is also the option to add a personalized photo to your profile.


Additionally, the “Yo Store” allows users to subscribe to certain notifications. For example, you can receive a “Yo” whenever your favorite Instagrammer posts a photo or your package is delivered.


The app generally receives average reviews of approximately 3 stars and users have complained that they have difficulties with logging in and are oftentimes locked out of their profile.

Is Yo safe for my kids?

Due to its interactive elements, Yo should only be used by mature teens that are over the age of 12 and is not safe for young children. However, there is currently no age verification process in place to download the app or make an account.

Parents should know that while the app does allow for users to interact with other individuals, these other members must be added manually, thus diminishing the risk of children coming into contact with online strangers.

However, Yo allows for members to share their location with their friends, something that parents may not be comfortable with. If this is the case, simply monitor your child’s usage of the app and ensure that they do not utilize this feature. If your child is old enough, consider having a conversation with them regarding the topic of Internet privacy.

In addition to location tracking, users must give Yo access to their contacts, phone data, camera, and photos. If you do not like the idea of an app having so much access to your child’s personal information, you may wish to prevent them from using Yo altogether.

Finally, because the app does not allow for users to make in-app purchases, parents do not have to worry about their child spending money without their knowledge.

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