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What is FaceTime?

Facetime is a free audio and video calling app that is exclusive to Apple products. Apple users can use Facetime on their Mac computer, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone to call and connect with other Apple product users.

Built into their device’s contacts, users select the Facetime video camera icon to initiate a call. Calls can be placed as audio only or both video and audio.

As simple as placing a traditional voice call, Facetime streamlines the user experience. The Facetime app is integrated into Apple contact lists, so users can scroll through their phone contacts, choose the person they wish to call, and then tap the video camera icon to place a Facetime call.

Users may also navigate directly in the Facetime app by tapping and selecting the the contact they wish to call. At this time users cannot Facetime with more than one person at a time.

Facetime is known for its outstanding video quality for calls, and can be used with a WiFi or cellular data connection. Weak connections can result in slow, patchy or frozen calls, so users should be sure to make calls in areas with a strong connection.

Is FaceTime safe for my kids?

Facetime is safe for kids to use with some supervision. This app can be a great tool for connecting with family members and friends.

If not connected to WiFi, the app will use cellular data so parents may want to discuss cellular data usage with teens before they use Facetime. For younger users, parents can also restrict Facetime use to only WiFi calls in their Settings. Once in the Settings menu, select Cellular and then scroll to Use Cellular Data For; find Facetime on the list and tap to toggle the switch to off.

To use parental controls with Facetime, simply navigate to the Settings menu. Once in Settings, tap to select General, then tap to select Restrictions. If Restrictions are not already enabled, tap Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode, then tap to toggle the switch next to Facetime to disable. If Restrictions are already enabled, simply enter the passcode, scroll to Facetime and toggle the switch to disable.

Parents need to know that Facetime is an Apple product feature that allows users to place audio and video calls to other Apple users. Apple products allow users to block callers and contacts from contacting them via Facetime, which can be extremely helpful if a child is being bullied or harassed by someone.

To block a contact from calling, simply launch the Facetime app and tap the information icon next to the name of the contact to block. Once contact information is opened, tap Block this Caller and then tap Block Contact. If the calls are coming from a number that is not in your child’s contacts, simply navigate to the call number and tap the information icon and select add/create contact. Once the contact is created, it can be blocked.

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FaceTime Parent Rating

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    Reviews: 3

  • Becky M.

    Pretty safe, you can always block someone if you don't want your kids to call them.

  • Kyle L.

    My husband's parents live far away and our kids love to facetime with them! It's a great way to keep in touch. No reason why kids cant use facetime with a little supervision

  • Krista G.

    We use this all the time. It's fun for video chatting with our relatives in Florida.