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This App Contains...
Live Streaming
Videos can be shared
Location Tracking
Photo Sharing
Photo sending/receiving
Stranger Danger
Interacting with strangers
Mature Content
Adult Content/Themes

Peeks Social is a monetized, video streaming app. This app is available for both both iOS and Android devices. It is rated for users 17 years of age and older offers in app purchases. This app is not safe for kids.

About Peeks Social
In-App Purchases
Mature 17+

What is Peeks Social?

Peeks Social (formerly known as Keek) is a monetized, video streaming app. This app is available for both both iOS and Android devices. It is rated for users 17 years of age and older offers in-app purchases.

This app allows users to live stream and follow videos posted by their friends, or browse public user profiles to find others with similar likes and interests. Users can curate a feed of friends, brands, and celebrities that interest them, using the platform to expand their communicative reach.

When users first download this app they are asked to either sign in or create an account. Users looking to create an account will be asked to input their age but there is not difference if a user under 17 years of age or over 17 years of age creates an account.

The main screen of this app features five different tabs: Home, Profile, Camera, Wallet, More Options. The Home screen features videos from other creators and can be sorted by channels, popular, live, and following.

The profile screen displays your profile, where you can change settings, see your stats, your feed, your rating, and you can also share from this screen. The camera icon in the center of your screen allows user to record live, upload a previously recorded video, and record a video to upload.

The wallet tab shows your current balance in coins, the in-app currency, which you can manage from the Peeks site. In-app purchases range in price from $4.99 to $89.99 and purchases offered are all for more coins.

Coins are used tip other Broadcasters, to buy impressions which are then used for advertising your products and your profile to other users. Lastly, the more options tab allows you to manage impressions, crowdfunding, invite friends, see who is following you, get sponsored, and more.

Is Peeks Social safe for my kids?

The Peeks app is not safe for kids.

This app does not moderate content so users can view content of any nature and many of these videos may feature vulgar language and suggestive themes.

Parents will want to be wary of any app in which their child can video stream live to an audience and interact with strangers. This app is made to do both. Children who are on this app without parental supervision may encounter any number of strangers and even internet predators.

This app also aims to encourage users to monetize their channels and grow followers.  If you look to popular YouTubers and other live streamers, they are not always the best examples of role models.

Parents who do allow their children to use this app should be sure to discuss with them the importance of internet safety and live streaming safety.

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