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The HBO Go app is the mobile companion for the TV Streaming service that allows you to access HBO titles on your phone.  This app is rated for users 17 year of age and older.  It can be found in both the App Store and the Google Play Store for free.  This app’s content is not safe for kids.

About HBO GO: Stream with TV Package
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What is HBO GO: Stream with TV Package?

The HBO Go app allows cable subscribers to access movies and original television shows from mobile devices wherever they are. Whether live streaming or downloading to watch later, the HBO Go app offers users a wide selection of entertaining media.


Rated for users ages 17 years and older, the HBO Go app is free to download but requires a cable subscription to use. This app is available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.


Much like Netflix, the HBO Go app provides users access to their media accounts via a mobile device and allows them to live stream movies and tv shows from HBO’s catalog.


HBO Go is currently only available for those users who subscribe to the channel via their cable provider. Once the HBO Go app is downloaded to a user’s device, they’ll then sign into the app with their cable provider and input the associated username and password to open.


HBO Go subscribers enjoy an unlimited amount of streaming from their extensive collection of premium movies and original television series. Because the service is comparable to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix, what sets it apart from the competition are the original series it offers.


User feedback also praises the HBO Go app for featuring a closed captioning option within the app. Some users also complain that captioning must be set each time they view a movie or show the setting does not remain between viewing.


Users also praise the fact that the app remembers or saves their place when they stop watching a movie or television show before it is completed.


Another highlight of the HBO Go app is the ability for users to set up watchlists and have new episodes of their favorite shows automatically delivered to their queue. For the more social HBO Go users, the app provides Facebook and Twitter links to share your viewing experience and start viewing discussions with friends and family.


Concerning user complaints, there are many with the HBO Go app, specifically due to a recent update. Users also report repeated crashing when attempting to use the HBO Go app with Chromecast and many say the two are incompatible.


It’s important that users check with their cable provider before downloading and attempting to use the HBO Go app, as the ability to sync accounts depends entirely upon the provider.


For example, one of the largest cable providers in the country, Comcast/Xfinity, is not compatible with the HBO Go app, so those cable subscribers are unable to use the app and have it included with their cable package.


Lastly, those already familiar with media streaming apps, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu, will be familiar with the HBO Go app’s setup. Users can search by genre as well as by format.

Is HBO GO: Stream with TV Package safe for my kids?

This app can be safe for older, mature teens.

Because of the absence of a content filter, and the fact that HBO Go contains both movies and original television shows that include mature content, the app is rated for adults only.

Thus, parents who already have the HBO channel included in their cable package will be familiar with the content the content it provides and should use that to gauge whether or not their child is mature enough to have access to the HBO Go app.

The HBO Go app is excellent for adults who subscribe to the premium cable channel, allowing them to access their favorite movies and original television shows while on-the-go.

However, those users without a cable subscription will find themselves without access to some of the high-quality media unique to HBO, as there is no option for cable-free internet streamers to subscribe only to the app.

Parents who allow their children to access their existing HBO Go cable subscription should discuss viewing expectations before downloading the app.

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