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What is Netflix?

With the Netflix mobile app for subscribers, Netflix users are able to access their accounts on-the-go to stream television and movies. 

Account holders have the ability to create up to five user profiles, to get specific media recommendations for their own tastes – and restrict inappropriate content from being mistakenly recommended to children.

A Netflix subscription gets your family access to thousands of television shows and movies, including original content produced by Netflix, such as House of Cards and an impressive selection of children’s titles. Videos are organized in a system of categories which may not make sense at first, but is very well tuned to adapt to users’ viewing habits. 

Shows that you watch regularly, or rate highly, are used to recommend additional categories and content offerings.

One advantage of the Netflix mobile app is that you can watch titles in sync across multiple devices. If, for example, you’re watching a documentary over breakfast and leave to commute to work on public transportation, the app will know where you left off and allow you to resume at your convenience on any device.

While Netflix offers a free month trial, this is a subscription service.

Is Netflix safe for my kids?

Netflix is safe for kids and parents will be happy to know that Netflix features child settings, in which their child's account will only be able to stream family-friendly movies. 

There are both parental controls and a "Kids" profile, which only offers titles that are appropriate for preteen viewers and younger.

One flaw in the profile system is that profiles aren’t password-protected. While using a "Kids" account, children can still find appropriate material, but may be inadvertently exposed to recommendations for adult content based on their parents’ viewing habits. 

Unfortunately, children can also quite easily step out of their profile and into yours to find more mature viewing titles.

Despite these parental control solutions, the Netflix mobile app is rated "T" for "Teen" by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB).

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Netflix Parent Rating

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    Reviews: 3

  • Julian R.

    We cancelled our cable because we just use Netflix instead. Our kids don't know the password so they have to ask us to watch shows first

  • Sheila J.

    Wish it wasn't so easy to switch between a kids profile and our regular one, but there's not that much bad stuff my kid finds anyway since we watch mostly kids stuff.

  • Becky M.

    We watch Netflix together as a family all the time. We don't have cable anymore but it's easy to find something to watch here.