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Amazon Prime Video is an app for smartphones, tablets, and some smart TVs which allows Amazon Prime members to stream or download video content. It is free to download, offers in-app purchases and is rated for users aged 12 and older. It is safe for kids and offers some parental control options.

About Amazon Prime Video
In-App Purchases

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is an app for smartphones, tablets, and some smart TVs which allows Amazon Prime members to stream or download video content. Videos included in Prime streaming are available at no cost, and users have the option to rent or purchase other digital videos from the Amazon library.

Members also have the option to subscribe to premium content channels, such as HBO or Showtime, for an additional monthly fee.

The Prime Video app allows users to set up watch lists to keep their content organized, which is a great help for parents who want to keep free-range browsing to a minimum.

Any video rentals, subscriptions, or purchases made through the Amazon Prime Video app are charged to the Amazon account under which Prime is logged in.

Some devices are incompatible with the Amazon Prime Video app. To check if your device is compatible, see PrimeVideo.com.

Is Amazon Prime Video safe for my kids?

The Amazon Prime Video app is safe for kids with a little setup.

First, you'll have to set your purchase PIN. That way, any purchases or subscriptions made through the Amazon Prime Video app will require a parent's direct authorization.

This will keep kids or guest users from running up charges without your permission. You will need to log in to the Amazon website and set or change your PIN in the Amazon Video Settings.

Amazon Video features optional viewing restrictions, but the setup process can vary depending on the Amazon device that you are using.

You'll likely find the necessary settings on their website under Amazon Video Settings → Viewing Restrictions, or from within the mobile app by selecting Settings → Parental Controls → Viewing Restrictions. From there, you'll be able to select which content ratings are appropriate for your child to view.

The Prime Video app uses a combination of the MPAA and TV Guidelines Organization TV Parental Guidelines ratings systems to help parents identify inappropriate material.

While less comprehensive than the ESRB content scoring system, or TV Guidelines Organization TV Parental Guidelines  ratings, the Amazon Prime Video content ratings offer basic guidance for selecting age-appropriate content. 

The content control ratings you'll see on the Amazon Video app are: 

  • General Audiences
  • Family
  • Teen
  • Mature

Movies or video rated higher than the limits you've set will be displayed with a padlock symbol over their thumbnail images and can only be accessed by entering your Amazon Video PIN.

Certain Amazon devices contain their own parental control systems, however, and you'll need to adjust them directly on the device. This includes:

  • Amazon Fire TV devices
  • Amazon Fire tablets
  • Amazon Fire phones
  • Xbox 360 

While you can install and run it on your Xbox, there are a number of differences between the Xbox and standard versions of the Amazon Prime Video app. For example, Amazon Video purchases are not available for the Xbox at this time.

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  • Joe R.

    We use this since we already have a prime account. Our kids can't watch without supervision