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Shakespeare’s Sonnets is an app for lovers of classic literature. The app is a library of video performances of all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets, text versions of the sonnets, annotations and scholarly comments, and more. Rated for readers 12+, the app is downloadable for $9.99 on the iTunes app store.

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What is Shakespeare’s Sonnets?

This virtual library includes all 154 of the Bard’s sonnets, not only in text, but brought to life in over two and a half hours of unforgettable performances by well-known actors and actresses, featuring stars such as Stephen Fry, Fiona Shaw, Kim Cattrall, David Tennant, and more.


The performances are synced with the text, which is highlighted as the performers read them. Shakespeare’s Sonnets goes beyond the text and video as well, providing scholarly commentary, introductions, and notes that are integrated into the text – just tap a word or phrase and an explanation with pop-up to clarify and enrich the experience.


Avid readers also have the ability to add their own notes to the sonnets. In addition, the app includes forty interviews with scholars discussing the sonnets and Shakespeare himself. The Share-a-Sonnet feature lets readers send sonnets to friends via email, Twitter, or Facebook.


The Shakespeare’s Sonnets app is available for iOS devices and costs $9.99 to download from the iTunes app store. But, according to reviews, readers get what they pay for. Though there are only three reviews, each awards 5 out of 5 stars and heavy praise to the app. 

Is Shakespeare’s Sonnets safe for my kids?

Shakespeare’s Sonnets is rated for kids 12+, due to the infrequent sexual content and profanity of some of Shakespeare’s work. It is safe for kids who are of age to understand and admire the content, which very few under the age of 12 are.

Of course, classic literature takes a certain level of reading comprehension that younger children are often yet to develop, and most of the features of this app would be lost on them, making it tough to justify a $9.99 price.

But for kids interested in literature and language, this app could not come with higher recommendations. The benefits are many including access to some of the greatest works in the English language, beautiful performances of said works, commentaries and explanations that aid understanding and build knowledge, and a general education in an important subject that is often insufficient in modern schooling.

Parents worried about the presence of mature content might discuss these themes with children, as a conversation about them can help distill responsibility and maturity. It may also help to know that these references are part of great literature.

Another element of concern may be the Share-a-Sonnet feature, as it is connected with the social networks Facebook and Twitter, which breed a variety of concerns all their own.

For users without an account on these networks, it is not necessary to create a social media account to use the app, and for users with accounts, it's not necessary to connect them to the app.

Overall, for lovers of literature at any age, this app offers many benefits and a wonderful user experience.