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4shared is an entertainment storage app used for storing and downloading entertainment. This app is available for free on both iTunes and Google Play, but offers in-app purchases. 4shared is safe for kids but best suited for older kids and teens who own multiple devices.

About 4shared
In-App Purchases

What is 4shared?

4shared is a cloud-based storage sharing app used for storing and downloading entertainment.

This app is rated E for everyone but is recommended for children ages 4 and older who are more likely to have multiple devices between which they toggle. 4shared is available on both iTunes and Google Play for free.

This app allows players to store their entertainment and other files in a cloud based system, think Google Drive, so that they can access it from any device at any time they would like.

The 4shared app is meant to be an extension of a user’s online account with 4shared.com, allowing them to access the things they have saved under this account. With features like the public search option, users can find their files quicker and in a way that is more convenient for them.

This app is similar to other cloud based sharing apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive where a user’s documents are stored based upon their account information not beholden to a device.

Many reviews of this app note how effective and efficient it is. Some reviewers also highlight how it is a great site for download files, especially music.

Is 4shared safe for my kids?

4shared is a digital, cloud-based storage app that is safe for older kids to use. Parents should be aware that this app and its accompanying website allow users to download music and other entertainment files into their account. 

4shared also enables users to create an account where they can upload files and store documents and other things up to 15GB, which they are then able to access from any device so long as they log into their 4shared account.

This app does not have any interactive elements that could lead to kids playing or conversing with strangers. There is also no age verification when downloading this app or when setting up an account. 

The main concerns parents should be on the lookout for with this app are the type of content their teens and older kids could potentially store in their account and what types of music and other entertainment files they me be downloading.

4shared is similar to other cloud-based drives that only require a login in order to access your stored or shared files such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

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