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The Dropbox mobile app is a free storage app for files across all devices.

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What is Dropbox?

Users can "drop" their files into the app to save anything from photos and documents to videos and other files. While users can send files directly from this app while online, the app’s secure storage is also available offline.

This storage area is a shared space, available across all a user's devices. This allows users to work on projects wherever needed, while always accessing the most up-to-date version of their saved files.

This is accomplished by creating a designated folder on your computer – the app handles this automatically – which is kept up-to-date on Dropbox's central servers and downloaded automatically onto every device on which a user has installed the app.

Dropbox Basic users can store up to 2 GB of files in a free storage space. There are no limits on how often, or across how many devices, a folder is synced in the free version of the Dropbox app. Users can receive 500 MB more storage space for each user they refer to the service, up to a maximum of 16 GB.

Users can upgrade to a Dropbox Plus subscription at any time, or downgrade their membership without losing files – so long as they do not exceed the storage limit. Additional Dropbox Plus features include:


  • Advanced sharing controls: When sharing a link to a file or folder with another Dropbox user, Pro users can set access passwords or an expiration date after which the content will become private again.
  • Remote wipe: Automatically wipe Dropbox content from lost or stolen devices the next time they connect to the internet.
  • Version History: Dropbox will keep previous versions of edited files and allow the restoration of deleted content for up to one year.

If a Dropbox account remains inactive for fifteen months, it will be automatically deleted after issuing a warning and waiting a polite interval for possible responses.

Dropbox currently has a user base of over five hundred million people and is ranked as one of the top ten most valuable startups in the world at $10 billion USD.

Is Dropbox safe for my kids?

Dropbox, if configured correctly and not installed on public devices, is safe for children and teens.

However, the company has come under fire on several occasions for accidental security and privacy breeches. Incidents include:

  • An authentication system failure allowing all Dropbox accounts to be accessed without passwords for several hours.
  • The ability of Dropbox employees to access private user files.
  • Leaked NSA documents considering Dropbox for inclusion in the PRISM surveillance program.
  • 68 million account passwords leaking onto the Internet in August, 2016.
  • Years-old, supposedly deleted files reappearing in users' accounts.

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