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About Google Drive
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What is Google Drive?

The Google Drive app is the mobile version of the popular online storage solution. With the Google Drive app, users can access photos and videos, or pull up important documents while on the go, from a mobile device. 


Google Drive offers 15GB of storage for free, and then a selection of subscription plans are available for in-app purchase, depending upon the amount of storage needed.


Google Drive is essentially a one-stop shop, and the app allows users to access all of their stored media from a smartphone or tablet, including photos, videos, designs, drawings, recordings and text documents. Because Google Drive accepts all file types, it is a digital filing cabinet, allowing users to forego paper folders for those of the digital sort.


It’s important to note that the Google Drive app allows users to work offline, which is an excellent feature, especially for those outside of a WiFi connection. Google Drive is also easily searchable, allowing users to enter keywords to retrieve files quickly and efficiently - no more lost papers!


Google Drive also serves as an excellent photo backup, and allows users maximum flexibility in organizing and categorizing their digital photo files. 

The share feature is especially handy with families, as albums or individual photo files can be quickly shared and accessed by everyone, by simply adding additional users to the file, or sending an invite link via email. As with other Google Drive features, users can set permissions for file sharing, to protect the integrity of original files.

Is Google Drive safe for my kids?

From a security standpoint, parents can feel confident that any and all Google Drive files are stored securely. Because users can access Google Drive from any device, file caches are backed up and stored securely, no matter if a computer or phone is lost or stolen. 

Parents may wish to remind children to log out of the Google Drive app after each session, so that their files are secure, should a mobile device be stolen.

The Google Drive app is especially handy for students, who can easily share class notes with an absent classmate, or create a group file/document for school projects. Conducting research? Students can create a digital survey directly in the Google Drive app, and share the link - all from a mobile device. 

To share files with others, students simply select the “...” option in the upper right hand corner, select the “Share & export” menu option, and select how they wish to share the document. Users can choose to add people directly to the document, by inputting their email address (and sending an invite link), share a direct link to the document, or share via alternate options, depending on the file type. 

Parents will appreciate that Google Drive requires users to set permissions when sharing, so they may send files as view only, comment only, or edit mode (which gives complete control).

Parents need to know that the Google Drive app allows users to access and work with any of the media they have stored in their online Google Drive storage account. Users receive 15GB of storage for free, but must pay a subscription for storage over the free amount. 

In-app purchases come in the form of subscription plans, which include 100GB of storage for $1.99 per month, 1TB for $9.99 per month or 10TB for $99.99 per month.

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  • Chris T.

    Super helpful way to keep track of your files and my teens use it all the time for school work! Love this app!