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Google News is a news aggregator that brings all the news to one app and helps to keep it organized. Google news can be found in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. It is rated for users 12 years of age and older and has no in-app purchases or advertisements. This app is safe for older kids.

About Google News & Weather
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What is Google News & Weather?

Google News is a news aggregator that brings all the news to one app and helps to keep it organized. Google News can be downloaded for free in iTunes and the Google Play Store.


It is rated for users 12 years of age and older and has no in-app purchases or advertisements


The Google News app collects and organizes news stories from a wide array of sources, and presents them in a clean, user friendly fashion.


Users will find news on politics, sports, tech, and more, all just a click away. The app will provide a briefing, updated throughout the day, which includes the top five stories most relevant to the user. The briefing makes it easy for anyone with a busy schedule to stay on top of the latest and most important news.


The Google News app also features a full coverage option, which provides robust coverage and context of any story, including story timelines, different perspectives, profiles of important people, and more.


The full coverage feature allows users to research the stories that matter to them and get the full context right on their phone.

The Google News app is rated for users 12 and up due to the fact that some of the content and news stories which the app aggregates are inappropriate for children, sometimes dealing with matters of war, violence, and sex.

The Google News app receives generally good reviews, scoring a 4.5 out of 5 in the iTunes review section. Common complaints include slow, laggy function and long load times.  

Is Google News & Weather safe for my kids?

Google News is not safe for younger children. The app collects and organizes news stories, and in many cases these stories deal with content that is inappropriate for children.

Luckily for parents, most kids are uninterested in reading the news, so Google News shouldn’t create a problem. If a kid does show interest in current events, news, and politics at a young age, parents might take the time to go through news stories with them, avoiding the stories that might not be appropriate for them, depending on their age.

For older kids, the Google News app is a great way to digest the daily news, as it has short, succinct options while also offering robust coverage for stories that stoke the reader’s interest. The Google News app is not designed for children.

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