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YouTube is a video sharing app which allows users to upload, share and watch user generated videos. The majority of videos are available for free, although it does offer its YouTube Red subscription channel for $12.99. YouTube is available in iTunes and Google Play and is rated for users 17 years and older.

About YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
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What is YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream?

YouTube is a video sharing app which allows users to upload, share and watch user generated videos. Users can watch entire libraries full of content ranging from music to entertainment, gaming and more. 

YouTube also allows users to subscribe to their favorite channels, which notifies subscribers when new videos are posted.

The majority of YouTube content is available to view for free, though YouTube does offer paid and subscriber-only content channels. Video rentals are also available.

Registered users can upload and comment on videos, even form their own channel and collect ad revenue. Registration is free; if you have a Google Account, you are already a registered YouTube user.

As of 2017, YouTube was the second most visited website in the world, over 400 hours of new content is uploaded to YouTube each minute and one billion hours of video are watched every day.

Is YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream safe for my kids?

Parents should know that YouTube does have a Restricted Mode for content filtering, but inappropriate content makes its way through often. Because of that, YouTube may not be safe for kids of all ages.

The company relies on users flagging inappropriate material, after which a YouTube staff member will view the video and determine if the site’s Terms of Use are violated. Content which is pornographic, endorses criminal acts, or is defamatory is marked for removal.

Monetized content, or a video or channel which runs ads for revenue, is subject to stricter control, with the company enforcing “advertiser friendly” content standards.

These forbid graphic violence, sexual content, strong language, and unduly controversial or sensitive subjects; in the latter case, the content will still be approved if YouTube determines the creator’s intent was to inform or entertain.

YouTube is best used when a parent can monitor the content being consumed. If users lie about their age during sign up, or happen to sign on with a mature account, minors can view more mature related content and content recommendations. 

Guided viewing and playlist approval can make it easier for parents to tailor their child's viewing habits when watching YouTube. 

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