Is my child safe?

  • Net Nanny Smart Filter

    Not all filters are created equal. Unlike most filters that block entire sites, Zift employs the award-winning Net Nanny® Smart Filter technology that looks at in-app and individual web page content and determines in real time if it is safe for your child. This makes Zift the perfect filter for analyzing today's internet, which is dominated by constantly changing User-Generated content.

  • Alerts

    Whenever Zift determines there might be an unsafe situation for your child – such as accessing dangerous app or web content - you will be notified immediately.

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What is my child doing on their mobile device?

  • View & Block Apps

    Zift allows parents to know, and then allow or block, the apps their child has downloaded on their device.

  • Monitor Screen Time

    Zift shows how much time your child is spending in-app and online on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Learn about Apps

    Zift's Parent Portal provides parents with details about new and trending apps, as well as whether the apps are age appropriate and safe to use.

  • Online Activity

    See your child's online searches and information about the websites Zift blocked or warned about.

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How do I keep a healthy balance for my child when it comes to screen time?

  • Set Curfew

    Enforce rules you have set and have healthy limits by setting a schedule for when your child can access apps and the internet.

  • Pause the Internet

    No more arguing with your child when it's time for dinner or when they have had too much screen time. From your phone select the pause button option to block access to the internet on your child’s mobile device.

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Where is my child?

  • Location

    Zift can locate your child instantly with enforced GPS.

  • Footprints

    Zift can also show a history of where your child has been by mapping their most recent locations.

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  • App Advisor

    Learn about all the latest apps your child is using.

  • Parenting Insights

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