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Kika Emoji Keyboard is a customizable keyboard app that allows users to type emojis and emoticons in their messaging apps. Kika Emoji Keyboard is safe for mature kids to use, but some of the GIFs may not be appropriate for young kids.

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What is Emoji keyboard-Themes,Sticker?

Kika Emoji Keyboard is a free keyboard app that allows users to type emojis and emoticons in their messaging apps. The Kika app makes it easy to send 3,000+ emojis that are available directly in text massages, Kik, emails, and more.

The app supports emojis with different skin tones in WhatsApp. Using their emoji dictionary, the keyboard can predict emojis you might want to use based on what you type in your message.

Kika's GIF keyboard allows users to send stickers and GIFs on social apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Messenger. In the keyboard, there are many funny GIFs to choose from that make messaging with friends more fun.

With the custom keyboard, Kika users can choose from over 100 themes to personalize their keyboard. Users can also customize the font they use, the color, and can choose to add sounds to their keyboard. The background can be set to a personal photo from their phone.

Users can resize their keyboard to make it easier to type with one hand on their phone or tablet. Advanced typing lets users slide their fingers from one key to another to save time. The auto-correct feature and voice-to-text also help uses to type quickly when they need to. Kika Emoji keyboard also supports over 60 languages.

Is Emoji keyboard-Themes,Sticker safe for my kids?

Kika Emoji Keyboard is safe for mature kids to use. It’s a fun way for kids to use emojis and GIFs across any platform or messaging app that they already have. The Kika keyboard is universal and can be used any time that a traditional keyboard could be used.

The Kika keyboard is completely customizable, which may be a big draw for kids who want to have more control over what their keyboard looks like. Some of the GIFs may not be appropriate for younger kids. Parents may want to consider browsing the GIFs on this app to see if they are appropriate for their family.

To use all of the app’s features, users will need to allow the app to have full permissions on their device. Kika Emoji Keyboard does not collect any personal or sensitive information.

Kika Emoji Keyboard is completely free to use and does not have any in-app purchases or ads within the app.

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