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360 Security Lite is a cybersecurity and cleaner app that monitors users’ devices, protecting them from suspicious apps and files. This app is available solely on Google Play at no cost to download. 360 Security Lite is safe for all kids to use but is recommended for older kids.

About 360 Security Lite
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What is 360 Security Lite?

360 Security Lite is a cybersecurity app that monitors users’ devices, protecting them from suspicious apps and files.

This app is rated E for everyone and is recommended for kids of all ages. The 360 Security Lite app is available exclusively on Google Play for a free download.

360 Security Lite boosts, cleans and app locks the many features that are present on a user’s device. This app boosts a phone’s speed by cleaning up which apps are allowed to use background activity and closing down apps you are not using, freeing up memory and allowing the phone to work quicker.

It cleans out junk files and app caches to speed up phone processing while also protecting against viruses and malware.

360 Lite features app lock which allows users to lock certain apps such as social media apps to protect their personal data. Additionally, 360 Lite provides real-time protection against malware and viruses by scanning apps as they download, making sure no fraudulent files get downloaded.

This app is similar to other phone protection apps such as 360 Security - Antivirus Boost and Lookout.

Many reviewers note the effectiveness of this app saying that the app has intercepted things on occasion and they have noticed increased speeds when using their phones. Some users complain that each update ads more features that are unnecessary.

Is 360 Security Lite safe for my kids?

360 Security Lite is an all around cybersecurity app that is safe for kids to use. 

This app is suitable for kids of all ages and can be a great tool for parents who are looking to protect their kids from malicious downloads and to clean out the files on their children’s device. 

While some features of 360 Security Lite are in use, children may be limited in the apps they are able to access and the actions they are able to carry out while the app is scanning for malicious files. 

In addition, as this app aims to cleanse junk files and clear out background apps, users may lose unimportant data or have apps closed out without realizing it. 

There is no age verification required when downloading this app and the updated version does not require a general admin password approval before installing. This app is similar to other cybersecurity apps such as PC Protect and 360 Security - Antivirus Boost

Overall, this app is safe for kids to use but may interfere with their regular use of their devices.

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