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WhatsApp is a messaging service that lets users exchange unlimited text, audio, photo and video messages for free. It is free to download from iTunes and Google Play. WhatsApp is rated for users of all ages, however it is not safe for kids to use.

About WhatsApp Messenger
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What is WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp is a communication and social network app that allows users to call, text, group message and share photos with other users whenever they are connected to WiFi.

WhatsApp can be found in the App Store and the Google Play Store and is rated for users 12 years of age and older. This app does not feature any in-app purchases or advertisements.

Through this app, users can call and text friends and family, even sharing multimedia messages with each other. WhatsApp is completely free and uses your phone’s WiFi or data connection to carry out your conversations.

Additionally, there is no international charge so users can call and text friends and loved ones at home and abroad with no additional fee. With privacy in mind, the developers of WhatsApp enabled their messaging platform with end-to-end encryption hoping to protect your most private and personal moments shared through electronic message.

Many reviewers say that this app works extremely well and has been great for connecting with friends and family. Reviewers also note the ability to send voice messages as a positive feature of this app. WhatsApp is similar to other free, WiFi calling and messaging apps such as Text Free and Hey Wire.

Is WhatsApp Messenger safe for my kids?

This app can be safe for older kids with parental supervision but parents should know that there are a few features that might not be appropriate for their kids.

Parents should know that this app allows users to have many of the interactive capabilities of a cellphone without needing a wireless plan. WhatsApp is one of the most well known WiFi calling and messaging apps that allows users to call, text and send multimedia messages to friends and family through their account.

Issues with this app can be reported to the developer by emailing android@support.whatsapp.com. There is no age verification required when downloading or creating a WhatsApp account.

This app is safe for older kids to use, however parents should be aware that kids can contact whomever they like and can engage in multimedia messaging with these users. Since WhatsApp was designed to be interactive, parents should be aware of the many ways messaging apps and messages themselves can be used, for better or for worse.

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