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Google Translate is Google’s high-powered translation app that offers a variety of helpful features for travelers, students, and anyone with a curiosity in foreign languages. The app is free to download from both the iTunes app store and the Google Play store. It supports 103 languages and is safe for kids to use.

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What is Google Translate?

The Google Translate app is a highly developed set of translation tools that are useful in a range of situations. Of course, it includes classic text translation, with which users can type a word, phrase, or sentence in one language and have it translated into another of the 103 supported languages.


Text translation is supported for offline use as well for 59 languages, allowing for translation even without internet connection. One particularly useful feature is instant camera translation, which supports 38 languages. When using this feature, users point the camera at an image and the app will translate the text instantly.


Google Translate also has a feature called photo translation, which is similar to the camera translation feature, where users can import an image that they wish to be translated. The photo feature offers a higher quality translation than the instant camera, and it supports 37 languages.


Another very useful feature, though sometimes buggy due to the complexity of its function, is the conversation feature, which allows users to translate bilingual conversations in 32 different languages. Some users have complained about the conversation feature functioning poorly, but voice recognition in multiple languages is difficult business, and Google is always working to improve its apps.


The handwriting tool lets users draw text characters for translation in 93 languages instead of typing out the word or phrase, which is useful for practicing and translating character-based languages. Google Translate also has a phrasebook to save important translations for future reference.


The app is rated highly by users, but reviewers do have complaints about bugs affecting functionality. The app is available for free in the Google Play store and the iTunes app store.  

Is Google Translate safe for my kids?

Google Translate is a safe app for kids. The function is simple – translate words into different languages. The app is great for kids who may have an interest in a foreign country or language, and will allow them to learn more about the different words and phrases people use to communicate around the world.

But this is not an educational app, it is a tool. It is not feasible to learn a foreign language using Google Translate, and the app should not be used as a replacement for studying a language.

Many students may lean too heavily on Google Translate and other translation tools for homework, and this not only impedes the learning process, but is often inadequate for translating anything more than a word or phrase.

Parents should make sure their kids are not using Google Translate as a shortcut for foreign language homework.

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