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iTunes U is an app designed to help instructors and teachers run their classes and create lesson plans. The app also includes a vast library of educational content that all users can access. iTunes U is free to download for iOS devices, available in the iTunes app store.

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What is iTunes U?

With iTunes U, instructors have access to an iPad platform that allows them to organize and run their classes. They can grade assignments, communicate with students, plan lessons, and provide course material from an iPad.


Within the platform, students can ask instructors questions and receive answers efficiently so they can stay on task and complete assignments. Students can also view and submit assignments, view grades and feedback, start group discussions with the class, and open audio and video files uploaded by the instructor.


iTunes U is designed to help streamline the educational process by bringing all important material and communications to one place. In addition to its functionality as a platform to run the classroom, iTunes U also has a large library of educational content, including lectures, videos, books, podcasts, and more from some of the premier educational institutions in the world.


iTunes U is free to download, and is available for iOS devices from the iTunes store. The app is reviewed relatively well by instructors and students, receiving a 3.3 out of 5 in the iTunes review section.


Reviewers enjoy the content library, but some complain about minor bugs and hiccups that still need to be worked out for better functionality, which is something Apple is constantly devoting time and energy to do.

Is iTunes U safe for my kids?

iTunes U is safe for kids. The app is designed for the purpose of education and running efficient and organized classrooms, so it is there to help kids rather than put them in danger.

iTunes U is great for students of all ages, but it is geared toward a higher level of education in which assignments are more frequent and communication with teachers to ask difficult questions is vital. The content library is also better for older students who will have less difficulty reading and comprehending the academic material offered.

One feature parents may be worried about is the classroom group chats, as it could be used as a platform for cyberbullying or the sharing of inappropriate content. While this is a possibility, it is highly unlikely that students would choose to inappropriately use the chat feature of their classroom management app rather than an independent group messaging app, like GroupMe or WhatsApp.

iTunes U offers the benefit of direct teacher contact and access to all course material and assignments, so students have a better chance to succeed.

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