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The Peterson’s College Guide app brings the vast Peterson’s library of information on colleges and universities to iOS devices. Available for free in the iTunes app store, this app can help students find the perfect college for them.

About Peterson’s College Guide
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What is Peterson’s College Guide?

Peterson’s College Guide provides a large catalog of information on over 60,000 colleges, graduate programs, and online programs across the United States.


The Peterson’s College Guide app is an easy way to narrow down the prospective college options. Peterson’s is constantly updating their database, so students can be assured that they are viewing the most current information by using this app.


Prospective students can search the catalog of programs and schools based on a large number of keywords, campus style (traditional or online), admission difficulty, GPA, and majors. From here, students can view stats on the student body, tuition prices, and other relevant information to find the right fit.


User reviews are lackluster, with some users complaining that the app version does not offer nearly as much information as the online version. That said, the app and service are free for iOS devices, and can be downloaded from the iTunes app store. 

Is Peterson’s College Guide safe for my kids?

Peterson’s College Guide is absolutely safe for kids. Obviously, there is little reason for younger kids to use the app, as it is designed for students in their later high school years or those seeking graduate education, but if younger kids were to use the app it would not pose any threat.

Parents don't need to worry about inappropriate content, photo sharing or social media accounts linking from the Peterson's College Guide app, since this is primarily an informational app.

The app version is good for on-the-go research, but the online web version is more robust, so prospective students may want to consider continuing their research within the web version.

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